Winding Tree Ink Strategic Deal with Airport Hotel Basel to Integrate Blockchain Technology in the Hospitality Ecosystem

Winding Tree Ink Strategic Deal with Airport Hotel Basel to Integrate Blockchain Technology in the Hospitality Ecosystem

An open source blockchain-based travel distribution platform, Winding Tree has announced a productive collaboration with Airport Hotel Basel.

The recent partnership between the two firms follows the recently confirmed collaboration of the firm with some of the biggest players in the aviation and hospitality industry.

Air Canada, Air France, and Lufthansa are some of the bigwigs to have recently collaborated with Winding Tree, while hotels like Nordic Choice and citizenM have also pitched their tents with the platform.

A Forward-Thinking Move

It’s an open secret that almost all hotels are always at their best, to please and satisfy their numerous and diversified audiences, but most hotels still use outdated technologies in their operations.

Apart from large hotels chains, most hoteliers are not that privileged to work with the latest technology, since they don’t have the financial capacity and capability to invest in the technology and hire the best hands to manage and monitor it.


In other to cut off unnecessary bureaucracies, Winding Tree uses blockchain technology to finally cut off intermediaries, while incorporating open-source capabilities to developers, offer customers an improved deal and help hoteliers stay on top of their game, with a technological platform that integrates open-source capabilities to drive innovation.

The collaboration with Winding Tree will effectively position Hotel Basel in the league where it rightly belongs.

The hotel will communicate its solutions to the hotel community at significant events and conferences.

The Hotel will also receive hospitality related inquiries on behalf of Winding Tree and make the required arrangement and establish a form of relationship with hotels who are interested in the services of Winding Tree.

Giving voice to thought on the latest development, the Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Winding Tree Pedro Anderson stated that:

‘’Airport Hotel Basel and Winding  Tree share the same blockchain-centric vision and beliefs. Our objective is to share this enthusiasm with a multiplied amount of industry members, and have more people join the blockchain bandwagon.”

The General Manager of Airport Hotel Basel Dimitris Argirakis also noted that:

“We believe that nowadays, there is a misconception that lies with the perception that many hotel industry leaders have of blockchain, what it actually entails, and what applications and advantages it could provide the industry. Our communication efforts aim to give a clearer picture of the technology while getting hoteliers involved and excited about the technology’’.

About Winding Tree

Winding Tree is a blockchain based, decentralized, open-source travel distribution platform. The firm is dedicated to making travel cheaper for the end user while also making it profitable for firms.

More on Airport Basel:

Airport Hotel Basel is a strategically located hotel in the heart of Switzerland; it is a convenient and friendly hotel located 5 minutes from the airport and 8 minutes from Basel

  • Leadership
  • Maksim Izmaylov, CEO
  • Jakub Vysoky, CTO
  • Pedro Anderson, COO
  • Augusto Lemble, Blockchain Architect
  • Dave Montali, CIO

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