Slant Launched to Enable data Privacy via Blockchain Technology

Slant Launched to Enable data Privacy via Blockchain Technology

Private data computation and data marketplace, Slant, launches GDPR complaint privacy solution for dApps on the EOS blockchain.

The technology gives companies and individuals the privilege to own and store their data on a decentralized platform.

The Slant platform provides dApps with a simple but effective API to store their data and the opportunity to delegate permission to a smart contract.

Access to Personal Information

Information is the most expensive thing out there in the 21st century.

Companies have the power to access information for their selfish reasons, and individuals lack the necessary security apparatus to defend their personal information.


Slant’s new technology gives individuals the power to protect and to determine who has access to your information by controlling permission to it.

Data can be sold at a price, creating a revenue instead of other companies monetizing the data they collect.

The Slant technology is bringing the future to the present and with the security of personal information assured, individuals, can sleep with their two eyes closed, confident that their data is safe and secure and away from prying eyes.

Slant allows companies and individuals alike to control the use of their data ordinarily used to make ‘’Siren Servers’’ such as Google and Facebook profitable, as well as significant instances of data mining and where artificial intelligence is concerned.

This latest development by Slant enables companies to switch to decentralized technology and provide a new form of monetized offering for their users.

One of the advantages of the Slant technology is that it cannot be decrypted or hacked, this is because it gets split and distributed into multiple nodes all containing a fraction of the full code.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

Slant’s Blockchain technology aims to increase efficiency and transparency, without necessarily needing the trust of the operator, as well as reducing cost due to the elimination of the middlemen.

Co-founder of Slant Michael Breidenbrucker stated that:

‘’Today, we are witnessing the beginning the beginning of the falling traditional, productivity-centric economic models. Inflationary monetary policy and financial crisis are only the first signs of our collapsing economic model which reflects a new concept of labor. It is centered on data as the most fundamental value driver and therefore evolves the labor-based concept of work. It is designed to turn data into a valuable and transferable digital asset which represent the labor factor of the information economy.’’

More on Slant

Slant was established in 2018; the firm is a system for private data computations and data marketplace in a distributed environment.

  • Leadership
  • Michael Breidenbucker-CEO
  • Marcel Vaschauner- Chairman of the Board
  • Tassia Breidenbucker-  Operation Lead
  • Fabian Frank- Tech Lead
  • Angelo Laub- EOS Lead
  • Media contact
  • Danna Cahana
  • +972585221980