Willy Woo: ‘Bitcoin is balancing, I’m curious to see where everyone is at on the eve of the next breakout’

Willy Woo: 'Bitcoin is balancing, I'm curious to see where everyone is at on the eve of the next breakout'

Willy Woo, an early Bitcoin investor, and popular cryptocurrency personality have reaffirmed his stance on where Bitcoin is headed in the nearest further. The investor has joined a few other analysts to reveal that although the bearish market may be in total control at the moment, Bitcoin is gathering enough momentum to enable it to attain a massive breakout.

He made this known after a twitter poll which was recently conducted resulted in around 30% of individuals agreed that Bitcoin is soon to hit rock bottom, while 40% believed the market is undergoing a bearish crisis and the 30% remained undecided.

Woo disclosed his stance in a tweet, saying :

So 30% think the bottom is in, 40% think more bear, and 30% are undecided.

People asked what I think. To me, nothing has really changed, apart from some sideways nail biting.

Woo explained that Bitcoin’s network momentum still needs to climb further, in order to put a bottom to the bear market. He continued :

BTC balancing, balancing, next more will be defining. Super curious to see where everyone is at on the eve of the next breakout…

In agreement with Woo’s beliefs, Vinny Lingham, Ceo of Civic Key retweeted Woo’s post with a tag “I concur”. This is quite an interesting development, considering the fact that Lingham had recently engaged in a Bitcoin bet with cryptocurrency trader Ronnie Moas.


In late October, the two rounded up the World crypto con in Las Vegas as Moas staked $20,000, predicting that Bitcoin is certain to hit $28,000 as a roundup price in 2019.

Lingham who stood at the other end of the spectrum was quick to accept the challenge saying “I can’t lose”. Although Lingham is not Anti-Bitcoin, his response suggests that Bitcoin is in its early infancy and has not wielded enough momentum to skyrocket that far. He concluded by saying “If BTC goes that high, happy to pay it”.