Why you should buy GoMeat Token

Why you should buy GoMeat Token

GoMeat is a platform designed for customers, retailers, and wholesalers in the whole world. The online marketplace has a simple to use mobile store app, enabling any specialty meat owner to create their storefront easily. The platform provides unique opportunities for all types of traders in the specialty meat industry, whether small-scale traders or big wholesalers.

To meet various goals, GoMeat intends to conduct token sales through an ICO. The funds raised from selling GOMT Tokens will be used to grow the platform, integrate the token, and finance the promotion and marketing activities. The company will distribute the GOMT Tokens as follows:

Token Sale (Pre-ICO): 5000,000 Representing 10%

Token sale ICO: 2,000,000 Representing 40%

Exchanges & Liquidity: 150,000 Representing 3%


Reward Management: 100,000 Representing 2%

Future Reserve Expansions: 1,250, 000 Representing 25%

Teams & Founders: 1,000,000 Representing 20%

Currently, the available GOMT in the Pre-ICO phase is 10% total. Details of the offering and how to participate are here: https://gomeat.io/#tokensale. Participants who buy specific amounts of GOMT Tokens can also enjoy bonuses. 

The ICO is divided into two phases, and the second stage has three tiers. Bonuses will be distributed throughout the ICO phases. However, the rewards will be decreasing over time to incentivize early purchases.

GOMT Bonus mechanism:

Token Pre-sale: 20% additional tokens on top of the purchased amount
Token sale ICO: Tier 1: 15% ; Tier 2: 10%  and Tier 3: 5%

To earn extra GOMT tokens, buyers can participate in GoMeat’s Token Referral Program. Token buyers can generate their referral links to share with their friends and families. For every GOMT purchase made using the referral link, the referrer will earn 5% tokens as a bonus.

Reasons to buy GOMT Tokens

The main reasons why buyers should purchase the GOMT Tokens are as follows:

  • GOMT Token usage: the tokens can be used to place meat and grocery orders. Users of these tokens can also get free delivery and discounts. More perks include getting 1% cashback on each order and earning the tokens through the platform’s referral programs.
  • Burn mechanism: All unsold tokens will be burnt. We will burn 3% GoMeat revenue starting from the quarter following ICO completion. While 4% revenue will be burnt each quarter in 2022, 2023 will have 5% revenue burnt in each quarter. After the ICO, company supply will be made equal to public supply.
  • Rapidly growing business: Since its establishment in 2019, GoMeat has been growing rapidly. At the moment, the platform has over 200 stores, more than 35 drivers, and over 6000 orders have been placed.
  • Partner Bonuses: Upon completion of predefined weekly goals, GoMeat Drivers will receive GOMT bonuses. GoMeat partner stores will receive GOMT rewards upon attaining predefined weekly goals. Employee rewards will also be paid using GOMT Tokens.
  • Specialty meat certification: a predefined amount of tokens will be staked for issuance of a specialty certificate. In case of a breach of contract, the staked tokens will be burned.

The company is currently in the pre-sale phase and has already reached 25% of its soft-cap target within two weeks of launch. To enjoy the benefits of GOMT Tokens, register & buy tokens now: https://gomeat.io/icopanel/.