Why Ripple Is Attracting World’s Leading Institutions And High-Profile Figures

Why Ripple Is Attracting World's Leading Institutions And High-Profile Figures

Ripple and it’s native coin (XRP), this year has been on track with regards to becoming a global powerhouse when it comes to financial technology and cryptocurrency. Despite having a bad start this year, the digital coin XRP has dusted itself up and making some good progress which has caught the eye of investors and many prominent people.

The coin which was once stuck in between a ‘coming power’ and a ‘fading force’ is now getting huge deals and partnerships which, just three months ago, seemed impossible.
During the latter stages of September, Ripple led the surge in the value of the crypto market after it had seen red for the most part of the month. The coin which was bereft of confidence to rise to the top some few months ago looks to have found its feet and has now become the ‘go-to’ for great leading partners.

Ripple has got numerous partnerships with world leading financial institutions, some few weeks back during the swell event which had former president of the United States Bill Clinton in Attendance ripple launched one of its most awaited new payment service xRapid which was going to enable banks, and other financial firms speed up international transactions by using XRP and the digital token.

A new trend had evolved, with Ripple bagging in a significant partnership with huge global firms but as to if that trend was to stay was still doubt as for its disastrous start of the year still taunted the coin.

Ripple has however defied all odds and has kept the trend working as it continuous to secured deals with leading investors in the world. Just last week, the Deputy Director and the principle of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, announced that it is partnering with Ripple Labs Inc. and digital payments firm Coil to get the Interledger Protocol underway.


Ripple’s Interledger Protocol is designed to link different payment ledgers and enable the faster processing of cross-border transfers, and aside from its implementation, the partnership is also keen on exploring the ways Mojaloop can support “pro-poor payment systems.”

The Gates Foundation launched Mojaloop last year and acts an open-source mobile payment platform for government regulators, financial organizations, and other Fintech industry players who are keen on promoting mobile payments in the developing world as well as provide financial services for unbanked people around the world.

This announcement is a huge one the digital coin as a bullish run is being anticipated by experts in the coming days. However, it is just one of the many things, hovering above Ripple now. For some time now, the digital currency has caught the eye of Donald Trump, the president of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world.

Trump’s administration has been relishing Ripple for some time now and admires the fact that there is no mining of the coin from a foreign-control aspect, unlike Bitcoin, which has almost 80% of it being mined in China.

Ripple has changed things around, now becoming the most attractive asset for leading Partners, because of the numerous projects it has going on. If this is set to continue, the digital coin will live up to the hype of being the next coin to possibly knock Bitcoin off the crypto throne.