Why Charles Hoskinson Believes It’d Be Great For Cardano And Litecoin To Work Together

Why Charles Hoskinson Believes It’d Be Great For Cardano And Litecoin To Work Together

Cardano (ADA) creator and the CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), Charles Hoskinson, has proposed a Cardano-Litecoin team up in his latest Twitter post. Hoskinson has suggested this directly to Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.

Creating A Value Collaboration Between Cardano And Litecoin

A partnership between Cardano and Litecoin would unite two very different systems. Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain that is strongly inclined to academics and peer-reviewed research. Litecoin, by contrast, is a proof-of-work system – just like bitcoin (BTC).

Charles Hoskinson wants to test cross-chain communication between Litecoin and Cardano. He specifically believes it would be great for the two blockchain projects “to do something together”. 

The CEO explains that his team has a plethora of ideas. He also thinks the Litecoin team has fresh ideas of its own that they can share and together come up with a magnificent project.

ADA, LTC Standoff

This proposal comes as ADA displaces Litecoin (LTC) to take the spot of the 7th biggest crypto in the world. As ZyCrypto reported, ADA jumped a staggering 16% on Tuesday. LTC was also in the green but its gains paled in comparison to Cardano’s. 


Although bitcoin’s rally is showing signs of cooling off, nothing seems to be stopping ADA from reaching its upside potential ahead of the much-anticipated Shelley upgrade.

As emotions heat up in the run-up to the monumental upgrade, the price of ADA has grown significantly in the past months and it looks like the digital asset still has more room to soar. LTC, on the other hand, is trading at $43.17 at press time. The asset has been stuck between the $42 -$49 range since late April.

While Twitter users have responded to Hoskinsons’s post with so much positivity, Litecoin’s Lee is yet to respond to the proposal of partnering with Cardano.