“What will trigger the next bull run?” Binance’s CEO leaves Crypto users in curiosity


Zhao Changpeng of Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms has taken it upon himself to ask a very significant question that has probably been lingering in the minds of many cryptocurrency traders.

CZ, as he is fondly called, seems to have left a puzzle for his 256 thousand Twitter followers, when he expressed his curiosity on the possibilities and factors that are likely to birth the next bullish marathon that traders have long been craving. In a recent post via Twitter, the 41-year-old CEO quizzed his followers saying “What do you think will be the trigger for the next bull run?”.

CZ went on to disclose that he is often placed in a position to answer the question but is always quite uncertain about what answer to give. In his words ;
“(I get asked this question often, and honestly, I don’t know the answer, other than keep building)”.

It is undoubtedly a fact that the cryptocurrency market is severely puzzling. No amount of speculation can pinpoint the exact directions of tokens as the market strictly functions on a basis of demand and supply.

Looking back at cryptocurrency traders who had tried to predict the price movements of tokens, one can say that it comes as no surprise that just like every other trader, Binance’s CZ has no answers to his own questions.


The post which has garnered over 1315 likes and 195 retweets had some users suggesting that a pump and dump scenario or an approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

(SEC), in the aspect of regulatory could lead to increased adaptation and further birth a bull run overtime. Meanwhile, waiting on the SEC may take longer for the cryptocurrency community, due to the delay in the VanEck Bitcoin ETF proposal which is now being scheduled for February 2019.