Weeks After Losing $25K In Bitcoin, Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Is Ready To Invest In Crypto Again

Weeks After Losing $25K In Bitcoin, Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Is Ready To Invest In Crypto Again

Day trader extraordinaire Dave Portnoy is ready to get back to cryptocurrency trading only weeks after incurring a $25,000 loss in bitcoin. The founder of Barstool Sports spoke highly of people in the cryptocurrency industry while stating that he would soon return to the crypto market.

‘My Heart Is Crypto’: Dave Portnoy

In the latest episode of the Davey Day Trader Global live stream on September 9, Dave Portnoy talked about the people he has had the pleasure of interacting with during his years of working as an internet personality. For him, the crypto people are the “most enjoyable group of people” he has ever met. This is because he feels that most of these people share the same personality as him.

He further indicated that his “heart is in crypto” and he will be back once he figures it out:

The crypto people, just about the most enjoyable group of people I’ve ever met. They are f*cking crazy. They are crazy on social media, they are crazy on Twitter, they have the same f*cking personality I do, they are gamblers at heart, they slant, they laugh at themselves, they just want to make money. I will be in crypto. My heart is crypto. But I just gotta figure it out. Right now, I’m dealing with the stock market.”

For those who are unaware, Dave Portnoy gained popularity in the crypto community after his high-profile investment last month. He got a crypto crash course from the Winklevoss twins on August 13 where they tried to explain bitcoin — and crypto in general — to him as simply as possible.

Portnoy ended up splashing a good amount of money on bitcoin (BTC) and Chainlink (LINK). Much to his chagrin, a brutal crypto market correction ensued and his coins lost value. On August 21, Portnoy indicated that he was done with cryptocurrency trading after seeing a $25,000 loss.


In the recent segment, Portnoy also reiterated his love for the LINK marines while dissing the legion of Orchid fans.

“I love the Link Marines. I don’t like the Orchid people. The Orchid people are a joke. Get the Orchid people out of here. But other than that, I like it all.” 

Is Portnoy Really Ready For Bitcoin Trading?

Portnoy’s comments about his possible re-entry into the crypto market came after the crypto-assets posted strong relief rallies on Wednesday, with the dominant crypto bouncing back above $10,300.

The bitcoin price has recently dropped from a high of $12,500 to the $10K level it currently hovers around. Despite the high volatility and the lack of bitcoin trading expertise, Portnoy maintained that he loves the asset class.

“I love crypto. When I think crypto, the juices get flowing, I can feel it in my plums… I realized I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.”

It is just a matter of time before he figures out crypto and makes another massive investment. Whether he sticks around for the long haul the next time it happens remains to be seen.