Vitalik Buterin on ETH Rivals: “Ethereum Has a Lot of Room to Succeed and Prosper”

Ethereum 2.0 game-changer, testnet nears 20,000 validators within two days

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin has been a popular figure in the crypto industry for years, and has been touted as one of the most influential players that have greatly contributed to the development of the popularity of the blockchain technology. Ethereum has done well to hold tight onto the number two position on the charts – just a number down from Bitcoin that is the top crypto.

Its forthcoming upgrade, ETH 2.0 has been in the works, a significant network innovation that has long been expected to usher in great changes in the industry. However, as usual, critics have moved to argue that the new network isn’t really that special or effective. On his part, Vitalik has sought to respond to the critics and rival networks by way of embracing competition.

Competitors In The Same Box

In a twitter post, Vitalik said that Ethereum still has room to succeed and prosper. Interestingly, he went ahead to mention another crypto, Zilliqa, saying that it has the same potential. Currently, Zilliqa (ZIL) sits at position 62 on the charts, with a total market cap of around $99.2 million and trading at around $0.0097. Zilliqa has a trading volume totaling $30.7 million.

From the look of it, Vitalik’s objective in mentioning both ETH and ZIL in the same terms was meant to demonstrate his willingness to embrace competition and foster the growth of the crypto and blockchain community as a block as opposed to the tribalistic mentality that has plagued the industry for years. 

Civil Discussion Coming Up

Granted, the crypto community has been known to react to such posts by popular players, and Vitalik’s post was no exception. Various crypto aficionados came out in numbers to support him in his assertion, with a common consensus that recognizing competition where due is really the better way forward for the community. 


Reacting to Vitalik’s post, Zilliqa’s twitter handle extended an invite to Vitalik for a civil discussion covering both Zilliqa and Ethereum. Truth be told, such a forum would be both exciting and greatly illuminating for the eager crypto community.