Unijoin Provides Cryptocurrency Users with Complete Anonymity

Unijoin Provides Cryptocurrency Users with Complete Anonymity

The Unijoin team is pleased to announce the launch of their platform, which allows cryptocurrency users to remain anonymous while transacting.

The team is aware of how easy it is for unauthorized parties to gain access to your crypto operations if they have the correct information and tools. As a result, it is committed to enhancing your security and providing you with the desired anonymity. Its function is the same as using a VPN to secure your site connections and IP address.

UniJoin now combines crypto assets and gives quality untraceable coins to crypto holders. It welcomes interested crypto fans to join its pool in order to detach themselves from their digital assets.

Other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether, are being considered for inclusion alongside Bitcoin.

The team emphasized the significant benefits awaiting its users while urging cryptocurrency aficionados to take advantage of this option to stay anonymous while trading or transacting with them.

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Some of these are: 

  • CoinJoin Technology

UniJoin assures anonymity through its CoinJoin technology that is designed to provide the best mixing method and the highest quality mixing.

  • No Stored Logs

Prioritizing users’ privacy, UniJoin doesn’t store logs to ensure that its users are anonymous during transactions. 

  • Ease of Use

UniJoin also makes the entire process stress-free. Users can become anonymous when trading or transacting with cryptocurrencies effortlessly by following some easy-to-follow mixing steps. 

  • Tor Browser Integration

You can start the anonymity journey by visiting UniJoin’s official website via the Tor browser that will screen your information off from the general public. Hence, your identity won’t be revealed while interacting with the website or the UniJoin team. 

The 5 steps to hiding your identity through UniJoin are highlighted below: 

  1. Create a new wallet

Create a new crypto wallet for storing your untraceable coins. 

  1. Input your new wallet address

First, select the coin you desire to mix and input the new wallet address where you desire to receive the new untraceable coins.  

  1. Choose your preferred distribution and time delay 

Choose a distribution and delay time of your choice. To keep your coins as anonymous as possible, choose random values. 

  1. Join UniPool with traceable coins

Send your traceable coins to the specified address for mixing. The mixing process will begin as soon as two blockchains have confirmed the coins. 

  1. Receive your untraceable coins

Depending on the time delay you select, the newly mixed coins will be delivered to your new anonymous address.

You may sell, buy, and send digital currency more quietly while being anonymous. Furthermore, anonymity allows you to hold cryptocurrencies in your wallet after mixing them, as well as purchase products and services online using UniJoin.

For utmost privacy, you can send cryptos to your friends and acquaintances while severing the connection back to your private wallet. Finally, as an anonymous user, you will be able to circumvent cryptocurrency prohibitions in some countries and invest in digital assets in those countries.