Global Trading Platform LBank Set to List Rubix (RBT) on March 23, 2022

Global Trading Platform LBank Set to List Rubix (RBT) on March 23, 2022

LBank exchange, an innovative global trading platform will be listing Rubix (RBT), a layer1 proof-of-pledge blockchain protocol on March 23, 2022, according to a recent press release.

In a bid to help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market, LBank exchange will be allowing investors who are interested in Rubix investment to easily buy and sell RBT on the exchange.

Rubix (RBT)

Rubix is an L1 blockchain protocol that deploys a Proof-of-Pledge consensus protocol to allow apps/enterprises to build subnets, merge them, detach them, all on a public chain with one swarm key.

The protocol consists of thousands of Proofchains that always compose one global state without needing centralized coordinators. Rubix is able to efficiently and effectively execute transactions with its non-centrally coordinated Proofchains through the Proof-of-Pledge (PoP) protocol it adopts. With the Proof-of-Pledge (PoP), Rubix is able to leverage the best of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake while avoiding their failings. The Proof-of-Pledge protocol and Proofchain processes transactions in an asynchronous parallel manner, making Rubix highly scalable, superfast, and eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms, often lead to high latency, low throughput, and high transaction costs, and also the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocols are often challenged with concentration and security issues, Rubix has initiated the Proof-of-Pledge protocol in a bid to address the loopholes associated with these existing blockchain protocols.


With its unique design, Rubix helps to facilitate decentralized applications that power real-world commerce at a significant scale on a decentralized network.

Furthermore, Rubix users can build Apps with immutable and secured identities as the platform features a post-quantum cheating immune algorithm that facilitates multi-party computation (MPC) using non-linear secret sharing (NLSS), and it’s the only chain where every wallet starts with a pseudonymous, programmable Decentralized Identity (DID) at L1.

LBank exchange, on the other hand, is a leading digital asset trading platform with thousands of crypto assets debuted on the platform. It provides its users with safe crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. Thus, it has announced plans to debut RBT, the native token of Rubix on its platform, thereby adding the RBT/USDT trading pair to its list for LBank users to trade. The listing will take effect from March 23, 2022, at 20:00 (UTC+8).