Distinguished Agency’s Unique Approach to Digital Marketing for NFTs and Crypto Projects

Distinguished Agency's Unique Approach to Digital Marketing for NFTs and Crypto Projects

The rise of NFTs has made the industry extremely competitive. Every day, more and more people are joining the craze and following this trending sensation as they realize the power of NFTs and cryptocurrency. While this is an advantage, it also has its downsides, especially for project developers. With so many new projects, identifying and cementing your place has become challenging, making marketing a vital tool for success.

According to Jeff Krammer, founder of Distinguished Agency, this was one of the main reasons that inspired him to launch his brainchild. He wanted to help others in the NFT and crypto marketplace win by attracting the right eyeballs.

His press & digital marketing company, Distinguished Agency, is helping clients become industry leaders. They are collaborating with top-tier media companies to assist their customers in distinguishing their brands from the rest while also sharing tips to help them scale their ventures. 

“The NFT space is highly concentrated, and to reach the top requires a lot of hard work,  determination, and focus,” says Jeff. He explains that listing your NFT or crypto projects in various marketplaces will help you gather the general public’s interest and attention,  increasing your audience. However, it is important that you ensure the platform used is perfect for your project and will help you get to the right audience.

Their unique approach allows them to reach the target audience and increase the chances of bringing in huge interest, insight, and demand. Having been in the marketing field for years, the experience and network that Jeff has built set him apart and allows him to scale his clients’ ventures. 


Jeff is able to categorize NFT and crypto projects’ marketplaces by selecting the best that will help the client reach their goals. “The number one secret to success in any business is building trust between you and your clients,” says Jeff. He explains that how you tell your brand’s story to the rest of the world is very important and is often the first impression your audience will get when they look for your business. 

Distinguished Agency assists its clients in telling their stories using various platforms and attracting the right audience. They have helped their clients get publications on different sites both internationally and locally with their unique creative writing, helping them stand out. They also offer SEO services, assisting developers in promoting their work and ranking high on places like Google, among other platforms. 

Jeff also helps them grow their followers online, build a better website, and expand their reach. He assists creators in developing their Discord accounts, Telegram channels,  Instagram, and Twitter, getting them real followers interested in their NFT projects.

As Jeff Krammer continues to expand his press & digital marketing company, he is helping people in the NFT and crypto space market their projects. Distinguished Agency is developing strategic messaging through the news media, which entails tactical thinking, perseverance, and a thorough understanding of the media and how it operates. Their work ethic and solid reputation have allowed them to reach the top,  cementing their place in the industry.