Turn Trading Profits Into Cash Via Swapin Crypto-To-Fiat Solutions

Turn Trading Profits Into Cash Via Swapin Crypto-To-Fiat Solutions

Crypto traders often get stuck with limited options when it comes to trading profits actually reaching their bank accounts, because moving crypto to a bank is almost impossible under traditional circumstances. Traders either must add any earnings to their overall crypto stack or consider “going into stablecoins” to avoid any drawdown in crypto.

While these techniques yield some unique benefits, keeping profits in crypto only exposes capital to potential market fluctuations. Stablecoins avoid this potential pitfall but aren’t anywhere near as versatile as the cash these digital assets seek to replace. That is why cash is still king to this very day, even though those days are numbered now that crypto is here. In the meantime, the best way to turn trading profits into cash is with Swapin’s crypto-to-fiat solutions.

Why Do Crypto Traders Need Swapin Solutions?

When it comes to trading, volatility is both a trader’s best friend and worst enemy. Volatility is what creates profitable opportunities, but there are always two sides to every coin. That same volatility can mean losses for traders if they aren’t at the top of their games.

With how shockingly volatile global markets have been, and no more so than in crypto, it means there have been ample opportunities around every turn. But it also means that crypto profits aren’t always safe when volatility could strike at any given time. 

Traders often turn to stablecoins as a solution, but these tokens have limited use cases today beyond being a stable store of value. They aren’t anywhere near as readily accepted as cash is, nor can you take care of important things like bills or paying for products and services online. 


Swapin, on the other hand, lets traders send crypto trading profits of any amount to a special Swapin crypto wallet that instantly converts crypto-to-fiat and immediately deposits into a connected bank account. With Swapin’s Instapay, users can also set up recurring payments to turn crypto trading profits into fiat that goes to regular bills such as internet, TV, or utilities. 

Why Trust Swapin Crypto-To-Fiat Services?

Swapin also offers an additional B2C service called Instafill for one-off payments and is set to release its much anticipated Instabuy crypto-purchasing tool in the coming months. The company also caters to B2B segments according to its broad mission of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the rapidly growing world of digital assets. 

B2B tools include CoinCollector and E-com and are designed to help businesses alleviate headaches related to crypto compliance and accounting. CoinCollector is a convenient service that lets businesses accept crypto using a sharable link that fills in all relevant payment information. When crypto is sent, it is instantly converted into euros and directly deposited into a merchant’s bank account. E-com works similarly, but through an easily embeddable website widget for businesses to leverage.

Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-fiat payment solutions, formerly known as Piixpay. After a successful funding round of €1.68m, which led to several well-known investors and advisors joining the project, the company rebranded to Swapin to further align with its ambitious 2022 roadmap.

The roadmap includes an aggressive expansion effort into the European market, with a notable focus on France, Germany, and Nordic countries. In addition to marketing campaigns, a new Swapin website with advanced localization and a multilingual mobile app will be released to complement the business strategy.

The company is also fully regulated and is working to obtain its Electronic Money Institution license. It is also developing a virtual IBAN implementation, according to the ambitious 2022 company roadmap.

The ROI Of Cashing Out Profits With Swapin

Traders are trained to make strict, intelligent decisions about risk and reward. After reading how reputable Swapin is and how quickly and easily traders can cash crypto trading profits out into fiat on a regular basis, it is a no-brainer for the trading community to take advantage of all this reward, knowing there is no risk in cashing out assets this way.

Combined with speed, simplicity, and convenience, Swapin solutions just cannot be beaten.