Tron’s Collaboration With Travala Makes TRX Acceptable In Over 500,000 Hotels In 210 Countries

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The crypto space is getting more competitive every waking minute, and companies like Tron are always looking for ways to step up their game. One thing that every player behind any particular cryptocurrency yearns for is mass adoption, and that only happens when the crypto is introduced and used by as many people as possible.

That’s why the latest development involving TRX is worth noting. On April 14, Tron’s Justin Sun tweeted that TRX will now be accepted as a means of payment for travelers using the services of, a crypto firm that’s focused on the travel industry.

TRX In The Travel Industry

The news has the Tron community celebrating as they can now use their crypto holdings to pay for hotel bookings. In fact, according to reports, Tron’s collaboration with Travala exposes TRX for use in over 500,000 hotels in 210 countries across the world.

Also, the travelers get to use the crypto in over 80,000 destinations. It doesn’t take much for anyone to realize just how impacting this opportunity could be for TRX. Mass adoption could at hand.

This serious case highlights the role of cryptocurrencies in the travel and entertainment industry. With the new partnership, TRX joins the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, BNB, XRP, and EOS in the list of the top cryptos accepted by Travala.


TRX Use Cases

Granted, settling travel expenses and hotel bookings isn’t the only thing that TRX is good for. Even before Tron inked a partnership with Travala, TRX was still in use especially within the Tron network where it’s used to settle transactions among the network’s users. TRX is also used for trading pairs in crypto exchanges all over the world.

Before this development, TRX was already an acceptable means of payment at various coffee shops across the world, meaning that the entry of Travala into the picture will only make things better for the cryptocurrency.

At this point, it’s safe to say that the use of TRX in the expansive travel industry is bound to affect the crypto positively especially in terms of adoption, but whether this influence could extend to price mechanisms is yet to be seen.