Tron (TRX) seems to be the Most Talked About Coin of the year, Are you missing Out If You Don't Own Any ?

Tron (TRX) seems to be the Most Talked About Coin of the year, Are you missing Out If You Don't Own Any ?

The world of cryptocurrencies has been known to be in constant fluctuation. A quick look at the starting price of any coin in the market today tells it all. For example, who would have thought that a crypto like Tronix could make huge leaps spanning percentage increases by the thousands?
At the moment, Tronix is at position 8 as one of the world’s largest crypto market players by market cap. The coin is currently trading at around $0.027 with an impressive market cap standing at a cool $2.71 billion.
Although that doesn’t put Tronix anywhere near toppling Bitcoin as the sole market leader, it says a lot about a cryptocurrency that debuted into the market valued at a mere $0.00212 back in November 2017. By December the same year, Tronix had leaped a whole 2170% to hit 0.04813 in value. And it didn’t stop there.
By January 2018, Tronix had made another huge 13,980% jump to $0.2985, making it its best jump so far. Looking at those facts as well as the future of the crypto world in general, it’s safe to say that such a coin could possibly present quite an investment opportunity to anyone with a sharp eye at good profits.
Couple that with the fact that Tronix’s founder, Justin Sun, learned his business acumen from one of the best in the business world, Jack Ma of Alibaba. In fact, Justin was invited to study at the Hupan University founded by Jack Ma. Justin has also been on Forbes’s 30 under 30 for a cool 3 times.
Perhaps one of the most compelling factors that showcase Tronix’s strength is in what Justin had to say about it. In a tweet, Justin claimed that Tronix’s network is 80 times faster than that of Ethereum and has a huge user base standing at 100 million users across the world.
In another post on Reddit, Justin went on to praise Tronix, outlining some of its strengths – strong extensibility, consistent coinburn, high operational speeds, attractive developer rewards, and huge user base.
Tronix majors as an entertainment network connecting producers directly to users, and given that digital entertainment products are now a huge $1 trillion global industry, it’s easy to see why Tronix stands a good chance to rise further up.