Tron (TRX) Plans To Become ‘The Apple’ Of Crypto and Blockchain

Tron (TRX) Plans To Become ‘The Apple’ Of Crypto and Blockchain

Tron’s (TRX) grand achievement, the meticulous and continuous innovation of the CEO Justin Sun, has earned the crypto comparison with Apple. According to globalcoin report, “Tron is a decentralized network that aims to change the entertainment world.
The digital asset makes use of Peer-2-Peer and blockchain technology to share and receive content via it.” It also permits users to store, publish and own data.
The intelligent and careful efforts of the developers both in development and investment have earned Trox the comparison with Apple. The Tron Virtual Machine, the Tron Mainnet and the use of BitTorrent have brought much success and popularity to Tron.
The Apple of Blockchain and Crypto
The exploits of the CEO of Tron in the solid production of qualitative platform and products for Tron can be compared to the feat of the founder of Apple. The production and careful choice of look, without compromising quality for the look and function, but attaining satisfaction with qualitative products, could be seen in the works of Justin Sun.
He meticulously detailed every aspect of the project Testnet and MainNet, during the launching and the constant updates given to the fans of Tron on the social media. This quality speaks volume of his personal quality to details and excellence, which is a feature of Apple products.
The legendary work of the co-founder of Apple, Steve Job, in the 80s and the 90s was not to aim after reinventing the wheel with Macintosh Computer, but it improved on the quality of the existing concept then and adapted for easier usage. The product had colorful graphics and developer capacity.
The qualities that were embedded in the apple products in the 80s and the 90s are found in the Tron MainNet and the soon to be released, the Tron virtual Machine. The products are a bud of the Ethereum platform. The MainNet executes 2,000 transactions per seconds, and the transaction will be free to a certain extent. When the free zone is exceeded, the users will charge more.
When smart contract developers adopt the Tron MainNet and the Tron Virtual Machine, the next stage of the Tron project will begin – Massive Adoption. The massive adoption will lead to the preference of the Tron Network for DApp and ICO, and also increase the rate of materializing the concept of decentralizing the web.
The quality of this innovation will make Tron more viable and stay in trend for years to come, with more development to follow, in relation to the exploit of the Apple company.
Apple products have exceeded all expectations over the year, by releasing hit products over and over again, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and other. With the adoption of the BitTorrent for its innovations, the Tron project is expected to surpass all expectations and rule the blockchain and crypto world for years to come.