Tron (TRX) Hosts the World’s Blockchain-Based Idle Game

Tron (TRX) Hosts the World’s Blockchain-Based Idle Game

Tron has once more proven its commitments to promoting the adoption of the blockchain technology as an announcement reveals that the Tron blockchain is hosting the first blockchain-based idle game in the world.
On September 30, an announcement on Tron’s Medium revealed that BitGuild had launched a new game called Magic Academy. The Tron blockchain-based game comes with its own TRC20 token dubbed Jade.
BitGuild is planning on the disrupting the gaming industry by bridging the gap between developers and users. As such, players of Magic Academy will completely be in control of all the assets available in the game. To further explain this, Bitguild stated:

“You’re free to buy, sell, or trade game assets at your leisure! The days of digital locks on your cards and swords are over!”

In addition. The game also features TRC721 tokens called item prizes that gamers can utilize to upgrade various abilities in the game.

“They are unique because all of them are based on TRC721, and they will grant a huge increase in your production and battle power. They can be freely traded among the players and the prize will rise 25% each time.”

Following the announcement, Tron’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce the milestone achieved by the blockchain network.
Tron’s Latest Developments
Tron has been working extensively to deliver quality service to its users. Just in September alone, 90% of the network’s nodes and crypto exchanges have been updated to the network’s version 3.1.
The network is planning on making additional upgrades before the year runs out. In addition, Sun revealed that the network’s PROJECT ATLAS which intends to integrate BitTorent with Tron’s network has commenced.
Tron to Challenge Ethereum?
Yoav Vilner listed Tron has one of the three blockchains vying to take the place of Ethereum at the pinnacle of the crypto market. Vilner who is a startup mentor for blockchain development projects sponsored by Google and Microsoft believes that Tron’s latest developments are key to its growth.
It is obvious that Tron is working non-stop to become a revolutionary blockchain that will change the crypto landscape. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the burgeoning ecosystem.