Nigel Green Believes Bitcoin Is Headed For A 'True Global Breakout'

Nigel Green Believes Bitcoin Is Headed For A 'True Global Breakout'

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are heading for a true global breakout which will be spurred by FOMO, the fear of missing out. This was predicted by Novel Green, the founder, and CEO of deVere Group.

Another Price Pump Backed By FOMO Ahead

Novel Green the founder and Chief Executive Officer of deVere Group while speaking ahead of his address this week at the DELTA Summit, Malta’s official blockchain, and digital event, discusses the prospect of cryptocurrencies in the remaining days of 2018.
The CEO of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations, Novel Green, stated that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are heading for a true breakout in the remaining days of 2018 while in a discussion about the prospect of cryptocurrency recently. Green opined that the breakout would be enhanced by the fear of missing out, FOMO.
Green, who recently predicted that Ripple is heading for $1 key threshold this year, stated that adoption is increasing all the time. This he noted is very evident not only in the financial sector with major banks already looking to the cryptocurrency sphere with much intensity but big names in the tech space as well as the retail sector also.
Further, Green stated that he felt that there is a growing sense among institutions that make the cryptocurrency adoption compulsory for them except they want to be outpaced in their businesses, which would be very difficult to recover.
As for the institutional clients, Green noted that they are eager to explore cryptocurrency which there is a need for the institutions to meet this demand. However, he pointed out that he is not sure if the cryptocurrency space would see the type of stratospheric rise it made in 2017.
But he remains undaunted with his opinion that with the growing acceptance, cryptocurrency is the future of money and he believes that the environment is now ripe for necessary bullish move before the end of the year.

What Novel Green Thinks About Malta’s Prime Minister

Ahead of the DELTA conference in this week, where Green will deliver a keynote address, he extols Malta’s Prime Minister and his effort in developing the cryptocurrency space by making the country a hub for the emerging technology.
Also, he counts it as a great honor to be a speaker at the DELTA summit along with some other prominent personalities in the cryptocurrency space.