Tron Surmounts EOS and Ethereum, Attains the Highest Amount of dApp Users

Tron's Justin Sun Now Has More Followers Than Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin

The Tron network may not exactly be moving to “the moon” in terms of its native token’s trading price TRX, but with the adaptation of Tron dApps from cryptocurrency users and developers from all around the globe, the Tron network is breaking bounds and hitting new milestones as it attains new heights in terms of publicity and user base.

These milestones are reflected in the most recent record of an increased number of usage attained by Tron dApps. As seen on Rating dApps, Tron dApps have garnered a whopping 164,150 user in this year alone. More groundbreaking is the fact that this Tron’s newest record is only 15,850 below the overall usage of 180,000.

As expected, Tron’s CEO Justin Sun had taken to Twitter, to make the big reveal with a screenshot showing Tron’s progress as the number one most used dApps since the past two months. Meanwhile, the screenshot uploaded by Sun also showed the outstanding margin by which Tron dApps overthrew both EOS and Ether whose user base were 79,528 and 59,869 respectively.

With a total of 84,622 against EOS and 104,281 against Ether, the ethereum network will need to push twice as hard in order to position itself for any slightest opportunity against its rivals. However, this may take quite some time, seeing that a good number of Ether developers had reportedly moved to Tron after Sun’s suggestion on the collapsing of the Ethereum network.

Meanwhile, it would be interesting to note that the achievements of the Tron dApps since the year began has been more than just an increasing user base. Back in January, Tron dApps made it to the sixth position on the list of the top ten dApps dominating the cryptocurrency world while Ethereum could not make the list.

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However, the Tron network will need a lot of stability, successful upgrades from time to time and most importantly, a more increased user base in order to maintain this new position.