Introducing Bithoven: The New Cool Crypto Exchange That’s Dishing Out Free Dogecoins

Introducing Bithoven: The New Cool Crypto Exchange That’s Dishing Out Free Dogecoins

Cryptocurrencies are taking over the financial markets and the majority of the people already know a thing or two about the new progressive digital assets. However, as much as these digital assets are gaining good traction, it’s the crypto exchanges providing the suitable trading and transacting environment that are the pillars of the new system. One of the best crypto exchanges right now is Bithoven.

About Bithoven

Bithoven is a fairly new crypto exchange that entered the market on January 14, 2019. As a focused entity dedicated to serving customers to the ultimate best, Bithoven offers high liquidity and trading volumes and adheres to all industry standards. With Bithoven, you no longer have to wait for too long for your order to complete. In the world of crypto exchanges, Bithoven is the new cool kid on the block.

Trading On Bithoven

Trading on Bithoven is the easiest thing you can do on the internet. All you have to do is sign up and get your new account verified via email. Next, you deposit your crypto assets from your personal wallet to your new account on Bithoven, and that’s it. You can now initiate buy and sell transactions on the exchange. To help you make more profits, Bithoven provides you with a range of trading tools, order types, and settings to ease your hustle.

Also, you get access to order books, instant reports, and charts to aid you in your decision-making process during your trading sessions. To ensure that your digital assets are secure, Bithoven uses 2FA for account logins, SSL encryption, and automatic logouts to keep bad characters from accessing your funds.

And that’s not all. While some crypto exchanges have been found to mercilessly slap their users with hidden extra charges, Bithoven does none of that. This exchange strives to remain trustworthy and in good terms with its users. In fact, Bithoven employs a team of experienced customer care staff that’s always on standby to assist you. If you’re a beginner and need some guidance, the team will be there to help you out.


Promo: Get Some Free DOGE

Besides providing you with the best crypto trading environment, Bithoven is also generous. There’s a good promotion currently running, and any smart crypto trader would be wise to utilize this chance to better their crypto life. Every new account owner on Bithoven gets 100 DOGE coins deposited directly into their account. That’s just irresistible.