Tron Coin Founder says Tron better than Ethereum

Tron Founder says Tron better than Ethereum

With the release of its new platform, referred to as Main Net on May 31 2018, Tron will leave the Ethereum platform and run on its own, promising next generation blockchain.
Tron’s founder Justin Sun has been an active vocal advocate for his product, talking up the potential of Tron and the TRX coin and announcing many partnerships along the way; but, this will be the biggest step for the growing company.  
Tron Founder says Tron better than EthereumJustin Sun has claimed that the move to their own blockchain platform makes Tron superior to Ethereum. He backed up his claim with an April 6th tweet, outlying the reasons why the shift will lift Tron to new heights.  
First, and perhaps most importantly Sun claims a faster speed and no transaction fees. Tron’s leader promises 10,000 transactions per second as opposed to ETH’s 25. Scalability is a major concern for any blockchain startup with the intentions of mass adoption and faster transactions will not only be an advantage, but a necessity going forward as cryptocurrency continues to grow.  
Another point of contention between Tron and Ethereum is the coinburn process. A coinburn can be used to reward coin holders. It boosts the value of the coin by lowering total supply which makes it more attractive to potential buyers.  
The Tron coinburn process has been described by Justin Sun as “like Ripple, but smarter” where a small percentage of TRX would be burned with each transaction. Sun also touched on Tron’s plans to be able to adapt to future processes and says that its extensibility is another great advantage over Ethereum.  
Coupled with his belief in the ease of use of Java as a support language, Sun is preparing a highly adaptive system where he feels users will be able to easily create Dapps in a constantly evolving technological climate.

Tron has been very busy making partnerships around the globe with companies that appeal to enormous amounts of people.  These newly created relationships haven given Tron a built in user base of millions of people.
Companies like Peiwo, which has been dubbed “Chinese Snapchat” and Baofang, sometimes called “China’s Netflix”, have millions of users which could assist is speeding up the adoption of Tron and the use of TRX coins.  
Ethereum, while older than Tron is still in its infancy as well.  Not to be outdone, the Ethereum team, led by Vitalik Buterin, who has fired some  harsh remarks towards Tron, plan to grow their technology as well. They have outlined a possible answer to the scalability problem in what they call Layer 2.
In fact most alt coins claim to have the ability to evolve and adapt to future needs and unforeseen circumstances.  Adaptability is the name of the game and non adaptive coins will likely see a quick demise.