Tron Development Growth Sums up With Ethereum in Recent Analysis

Tron Dethrones Ethereum In New Chinese Crypto Rankings

A recent analysis shows that Tron’s adoption rate is growing faster than Ethereum, causing its cumulative transaction rate to equal Ethereum’s in a space of eleven months. The study shows a record of ETH performance since 2011 before Tron came into existence. One of the aims of the Tron team, as stated by  CEO Justin Sun, is to take over the development of decentralized applications (Dapps) from Ethereum.

Not until now did Tron realize its vision to beat Ethereum. Before this time, Ethereum has enjoyed positive dominance, with a majority of the community seeing Ethereum’s development as a major support in the blockchain industry.

The analysis showed a calculation of Tron’s transaction for three years from July 18 as the starting point. But recently, Tron’s transaction rate has been on the increase with over 3 million accounts as recorded on June 13, 2019.

According to Dapp review, Dapps on Tron network saw $1.6 million in volume in the first quarter of 2019. with more than 430,000 estimated users. It also revealed that 64 percent of Dapps on the Tron network mostly facilitate gambling.

These games enabled Tron’s Dapp volume to increase to a new high on March 19, on March 15 alone, there were more than $100 million transactions. EOS and Ethereum recorded $16 million and $4 million respectively.


The report also stated that 27% of Tron Dapps are made up of casino games, another 36% are regarded as high-risk gambling games. But only 27% of all the Ethereum Dapps are categorized as gambling and high-risk dapps.

In March, Tron Foundation released a statement discouraging unlawful gambling Dapps in Japan, but so many gambling Dapps across the globe reported to CoinDesk they received over $10,000 worth of Stablecoin Tether as payment for building their games for Tron Accelerator hackathon in December 2018.

Now, do these mean that Tron has not been able to keep to its commitments towards the law and running a business at the expense of its public image.