Blockchain Giants, Arax Wallet and COSS are Merging to Create a ‘Crypto One-Stop Solution’

Blockchain Giant Arax Wallet Collaborates with COSS, Announces World’s First Token Merger

Foremost blockchain platform Arax Wallet Announced its effective partnership with Singapore based Cryptocurrency exchanges COSS. The partnership will be directed towards creating a one-stop solution, with the token swap expected to take place on June 25, 2019.

The new union will be known as COSS- Crypto One Stop Solution. The merger also eventually resulted into what is duly recognized as the world’s first token merger- the coming together of the COSS and the LALA Utility tokens.

The merger will eventually result in a super token, which will be an asset with all the characteristics of its parent tokens.

Effective Collaboration

Moving forward, the firm announced that the merger would adopt the Crypto One Stop Solution brand, with the sole purpose of making it the largest digital asset ecosystem the world has ever seen.

It will be a revolutionary process, as it will give the users the chance to trade, store, transact and spend their digital assets from a single platform and with a single ID, which will aid in the mass adoption of digital asset worldwide.


The coming together of both firms will also give experts from both sides the opportunity to collaborate and bring together both the resources and technical know-how and consequently become the leading fintech startup in Asia altogether.

Sharing his thoughts on the adoption of the digital asset, the Group CEO of COSS and Founder of Arax, Sankalp Shangari stated that:

“This is history in the making and we are very proud to be building one of the largest ecosystems. One vision, simple focus-crypto adaptability for the masses. No one can deny the modern digital assets immense value as they go mainstream and as cooperate behemoths begin to participate very actively in the industry.’’

Biggest Crypto Token

COSS is pretty optimistic about the potential of its token, stating effectively that its token clearly surpasses all existing ones in the market right now and that the recent partnership will aid its cause, by adding increased blockchain support.

Arax currently operates multi-digital asset storage and utility product that support several blockchains. Its users are in total control of their private keys, as they can send, receive and spend digital assets on day-to-day utilities like global mobile top-ups, which is available in over 160 countries worldwide and with an access instant digital asset exchange, which can make GPS-based transfers among other ready-to-launch services.

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Media Contact: Satyarth Mishra