TradeFlow Set to List and Run Token Sale on P2PB2B on April 1st

TradeFlow Set to List and Run Token Sale on P2PB2B on April 1st

The P2PB2B exchange will host a token sale session for TradeFlow soon.

The tokens, as well as joining the project’s community, can be acquired until April 8th. Following the token sale, the P2PB2B exchange will list the token. Meanwhile, here’s a quick overview of the project.

What is TradeFlow?

TradeFlow has developed a Copy Trading platform for investing in cryptocurrencies for people who want to learn about cryptocurrency trading but don’t have time to constantly check their accounts.

Anyone can use its platform to duplicate proven techniques and trading bots that meet their investment criteria. TradeFlow will provide a number of Trading Bots that represent various tactics, each with its own blockchain record.

What makes TradeFlow special?

TradeFlow expertise will include as the platform develops:

  • Metaverse and Gaming;
  • Staking Pools;
  • Real Estate Investment;
  • Shipping and Supply Chain;
  • Clean Energy;
  • Financial Indexes;
  • NFT Funds;
  • Lending;
  • Financial Services.

TradeFlow’s goal is to give regular people an easy-to-use investment vehicle so that they can make the best possible investment decisions.

Using the copy trading service allows new investors to use trading bots that follow the market and have demonstrated their trading ability and track record. TradeFlow is powered by TradeFlow Coin (TFLOW), an internal cryptocurrency that serves as both a utility token and a requirement for using the platform.

The users must hold at least 10% of their investment in TFLOW to participate in TradeFlow’s copy trading. The Copy Trading Services will provide significant yearly profits with an 80% success rate, whilst the Investment Pools will provide annual returns of 5-22 percent. The Platform will charge a success fee of 20%, but all investors will receive TFLOW Tokens in exchange.

Join the TFLOW token sale on P2PB2B.