Top Crypto Analyst believes Bitcoin without Satoshi Nakamoto is facing the same fate as Apple without Steve Jobs

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Former tech banker and self-proclaimed Bitcoin maximalist Kevin Pham has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts on the current state of the Bitcoin network. Pham’s tweet implied that the Bitcoin network is losing momentum, more precisely, Pham compared the current state of the network to that of America’s top tech company Apple.

The tweet read :

“What happened to Bitcoin after Satoshi left is the same thing that happened to Apple after Steve Jobs left.”

While this may look like Pham was referring to the Satoshi Nakamoto himself, Pham was actually referring to Craig Wright of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Wright had even replied to Pham’s tweet saying “I’m back”. Presently, the general public is still uncertain of the identity behind the creator of Bitcoin and would argue against Wright being Bitcoin’s actual founder, however, there remains an accuracy in the instability of the Bitcoin network all through last year, to this year.

Many believe that Bitcoin is fast bottoming as reflected in BTC’s trading price and volume. After Bitcoin fell from $6,000 to $3,000 last year, the cryptocurrency community is still caught in the dilemma of whether the big bull can still make a come back or if BTC is indeed headed for rock bottom. Furthermore, the fact that the Bitcoin network is still facing an identity crisis makes it harder for Bitcoiners to hold on to anything positive.

Meanwhile, Pham seems to have fully bought into the path of BSV as he has continued to express his full support towards Wright’s mission of “continuing with the intended vision of Bitcoin” using the BSV. In fact, Pham who is a highly pronounced opposer of the Ethereum network also tweeted ;

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“Bitcoin SV can do everything Ethereum can do but better, faster and cheaper. Bitcoin is Turing complete.”