Top 5 Global Blockchain Events to Attend This Season

Top 5 Global Blockchain Events to Attend This Season

Within a thriving blockchain community, countless incredible events are organized across the globe that discusses the latest trends in the technology, explore opportunities for growth of cryptocurrencies and above all, offers a chance for individuals to meet industry leaders and gain valuable insights.
These events also offer upcoming ICO’s and Blockchain startups with an opportunity to connect with Blockchain experts and undertake partnership agreements that helps in their endeavor to innovate. Startup leaders, Investors, Crypto Enthusiasts, and Experts attend these conferences with an aim to educate the masses and propagate innovation.
So without further adieu, here’s a list of top 5 upcoming Global Blockchain Events that you shouldn’t miss this season:
Top 5 Global Blockchain Events to Attend This Season:
1         Blockshow Asia 2018:
Organized in Singapore: 29-30 November 2018
The Blockshow Asia organized by CoinTelegraph draws some industry bigwigs that includes notable speakers such as Simon Dixon, Brock Pierce, Alexander Ivanov etc. The event aims to offer the Blockchain community with an opportunity to share platform knowledge and discuss the pressing issues the Blockchain Industry faces. It offers upcoming ICOs and Blockchain Enterprises with a platform to network and connect and showcase innovative solutions and new products.

  1.       United Conference of Internet Money, 2018:

Organized in Singapore: 26-27 November 2018
An event that aims to catalyze decentralization and discuss ideas to pave way for technological revolutions, UCIM is a platform where crypto enthusiasts and ICO start-ups can explore opportunities for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. With over 800 delegates and 25 executive-level speakers, the discussion will primarily focus on unraveling the art of successful investments, leveraging blockchain to disrupt the traditional industries and understand the regulatory aspects and its impact on blockchain-based start-ups.
The conference features exclusive platforms such as Yacht Party, Investor Roundtable, Press Meet and Partners Connect that allows individuals to connect with industry experts and meet potential investors within the industry.

  1.       Malta Blockchain Summit:

Organized in Malta: 1-2 November 2018
An impressive feature of this conference is that the Prime Minister of Malta is himself the keynote speaker for the Malta Blockchain Summit. With emerging ideas from Malta to develop a regulatory framework for Blockchain, the event while featuring top officials from Malta’s government also includes an array of blockchain experts and innovators within the industry. With roughly 4000 delegates anticipated to participate in the event, the Blockchain Conference will feature hackathon, an ICO pitch dedicated to discussing the pressing issues in regulatory frameworks of Blockchain, connect upcoming start-ups and projects with investors, crypto governances and invite ICO marketing ideas from experts of the industry.

  1.       Blockchain Venture Summit:

Organized in London: 21st November 2018
Introducing some of the high-profile and exceptional speakers, the Blockchain Venture Summit offers individuals and crypto-enthusiasts with a massive opportunity to gain insights in this rapidly growing ecosystem. The conference highlights a dedicated Startup Lounge section that allows upcoming Blockchain Enterprises to exhibit products and service innovations.

  1.       Blockcon 2018:

Organized in Santa Monica, USA: 10-11 October 2018
The conference aims to educate the blockchain community and offer individuals with a platform to succeed within the ecosystem. Crypto-enthusiasts interested in decentralization ecosystem, tech transparency, bringing innovation can attend this event where you’ll find an opportunity to gather insights and connect with Blockchain CEOs, VCs, DApp Developers, Legal Personnel, and also gain ideas for marketing your start-up.
Blockchain events and conferences form a critical part of the industry and are important to be leveraged by existing businesses as well as newbies. Apart from offering exclusive content and expert opinions, these five events extend several networking and partnership opportunities. To get more information about the conferences or to partner with them, fill out this form.