Tomi Heroes NFT Sales Surpasses $1.3M As More Investors Get On Board

Tomi Heroes NFT Sales Surpasses $1.3M As More Investors Get On Board

Tomi NFT sales round has surpassed $1.35 million days after releasing its third bunch of NFTs.

As per the announcement, Tomi now has 437.47 ETH after selling out its first and second round of NFT sales. The platform is currently holding its third sales funding round in anticipation of its presale on September 21. Notably, only holders of the artistic and exclusive, limited-edition Tomi NFTs will be able to join the Pre-sale.

The official announcement on Twitter reads:

“The latest news on our TOMI token and Tomi Heroes NFT! Sales Volume Just Exploded Past $1.35m, with Massive ROI Potential for TOMI Sale.”

Proceeds collected from NFT sales will be used to buy Tomi tokens within the first hour, making the first purchase at 3:15 PM EST. All NFT funds collected will reportedly be used to increase the price of Tomi Tokens in the Public sale.


Once the purchases have been made and all the ETH collected from the NFT sale is swapped for TOMI, the entire balance will be burned in the public address.

Tomi has proved to its investors that it is more than an NFT collectible. Investors now see the platform as a tool that will help them participate in the presale and incentivize them to hold the NFTs, unlike other platforms that flip the NFT for a quick profit. Notably, with the current rate of the ETH trading volume, investors are guaranteed to get ten times the return on their investment even if other investors do not participate in the funding round and the Tomi market remains at the current market cap of $75,000.

The TOMI launch will happen on the Polygon network via the SushiSwap platform to avoid transaction delays and high gas fees related to the Ethereum Network. The transaction fee per swap on the platform has been capped at 0.3% of the amount. This was made possible with the help of decentralized liquidity providers. 

Notably, Liquidity providers will earn 66.6% of transaction fees from TOMISwap and the Sushiswap smart contract’s activity, while Governance token takers will receive 16.6% of the transaction fee. 8.3% will go to TOMISwap users as giveaways, with the remaining 8.3% being allocated for the TOMIFundMe. The TomiFundMe platform will allow users to set up a profile and share their project or business ideas. The platform will also be fundamental in helping grow these business ideas as the blockchain community grows.

Reportedly, once the Tomi project is fully launched, it will serve as the next-generation trading platform providing users, investors, and project owners an ecosystem with efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, and fast solutions.