Three Cryptocurrencies you should Definitely watch out for

Three Cryptocurrencies you should Definitely watch out for

I took a quick review online and realized that most of the cryptocurrency analysts usually recommend the popular coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum to buyers. For whatever reasons, people also prefer to invest in an asset that is quite popular in the market and then catches the train of the unpopular ones when moving.
In a bid to present cryptocurrencies that are rarely seen in the investor’s portfolio, this post presents three cryptocurrencies you should watch out.


Dash is not new to investors considering its position on the Coinmarketcap rankings. This cryptocurrency has one of the best features that is feasible to price bull run. Dash has an available supply of 8 million, which is almost half the available supply of Bitcoin. Remember that the available supply of every cryptocurrency determines how far its price can go.
The market cap of a digital asset has to equal the available supply before the asset trade at a dollar, and once the market cap becomes larger than the available supply, the asset trade more than a dollar (Market cap/ Available supply = Price).
Dash was trading at $0.2 in early 2014, but surged to an all-time high of approximately $1541 in December 2017, before falling with the rest of the digital assets to trade at a current price of $187. It is worth noting that Dash will get back to the triple-digit easily when the market overcomes the recession, and this will be as a result of the size of its available supply.


Maker is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that presents itself as a frictionless, stable and decentralized cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is currently trading at $465, after rising from a $22 all-time low on 29 January 2017 to a $1687 all-time high on 21 January 2018. This digital asset has an available supply of 728,228. This feature makes it very promising, and a must-buy.


Finally, Zcash is one of the cryptocurrencies that investors should watch out. Times like this should be an opportunity to get the assets the once surged in price beyond our purchasing power. Zcash traded at an all-time high of $4293 on 29 October 2018, after recording $26 on late February 2017. It has an available supply of 4887 and a current price of $134.
Investors should always do their research on the team behind the cryptocurrency they want to invest in and also take a look at the whitepaper of the coin before investing, even though the available supply of a cryptocurrency is essential in its price performance in the long run, the Market is still a highly volatile one so you most definitely should invest wisely.