This Crypto Enthusiast Thinks No Major Recovery Is To Be Expected For Bitcoin

Crypto Market Frenzy: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Tron Prices Take A Deeper Dive

The year 2019 has long been expected to be a great year for cryptocurrencies, especially considering that 2018 was almost a total disaster for the industry. Bitcoin, being the top coin, has enjoyed lots of attention of late, with numerous people estimating it to reach a new ATH this year. That notion is primarily driven both by the raising BTC adoption and its expected block reward halving later in May 2020.

However, it now seems like not everyone is on board with the bull run notion. One guy going by the twitter handle ‘Crypto Ali’ has sparked a heated moment online by claiming that Bitcoin is on its way down.

In a tweet, Crypto Ali said that Bitcoin has expended its momentum and it’s “done.” According to him, the recent BTC price surge to the highs of $13,800 could be last high the crypto ever gets to, adding that the high price was God’s gift to those who wanted to get off the BTC wagon. In fact, Crypto Ali even went on to refer to the Bitcoin market as a scam. 

Fans On His Neck

As is always the case, such outrageous claims in the crypto world will always attract some attention from both supporters and opponents.

In this case, Crypto Ali seems to have awoken mostly opponents who think his claim his baseless. Many Bitcoin fans have seen come out to give him a piece of their mind on the twitter thread. 


According to most commenters, Bitcoin could soon prove the poster wrong. Some have even given a 2-month timeline within which Bitcoin will recover. Also, as usual, there was no shortage of people making fun of the poster’s claim.

Some even took screenshots of the replies to use them as reminders in the coming months. At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at around $10k with a 68.5% market dominance.