Will Bitcoin Reach a new All-Time High in 2019? Find out from Exclusive with Foremost Blockchain Expert

Despite The Recent Plunge, Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Be Poised For An Even Greater Bull Run

With all the noise being made in the markets at the moment, the rather doubtful scenario about Bitcoin prices reaching a new all-time high has been broached.

Sang Lee who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Konstellation, a blockchain company that provides Blockchain solutions for the global financial industry provided his insight in an Exclusive with ZyCrypto.

He was forthright about it and said quite a few things.

“2019 is becoming a critical year in the life of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.  The industry is poised to rally to reach an all-new high in 2019. There are several factors at work that has brought and will continue to bring more attention to Bitcoin.  Geopolitical tensions turmoil and active trade wars have made Bitcoin an ideal store of value as well as a hedge for investment portfolios.

Additionally, blockchain adoption by large corporations such as Facebook and Walmart has brought the use of cryptocurrencies into the limelight.  Furthermore, most recently China has announced the fact that their digital currency is prepared for usage after years of preparation.  


As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has the opportunity to benefit tremendously from these factors.”

Sang Lee
CEO, Konstellation

Points To Take Note Of

2019 is a critical year for Bitcoin

This is the year that the crypto space came out of the crypto winter. So, everything that happens this year is a big deal.

Geopolitics and Trade Wars will affect Bitcoin Prices

With all kinds of trade wars going amidst international politics, Bitcoin prices are going to experience a wild ride with lots of volatility.

Blockchain Adoption is Already here

Major Corporate organizations are now starting to take notice of blockchain technology. This has created a new ecosystem where almost anything is possible.

The Nation States are Wading into the Crypto Space

With the Chinese coming into the crypto space with their cryptocurrency, it is safe to say that Bitcoin prices will be affected positively.

When a fifth of the world’s population adopt one particular type of technology, why won’t the technology become popular?

So, prepare for one of the greatest disruptions in modern technology!

What do you think?

Will there be an all-time high for Bitcoin prices this year?

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