Solana Leads Pack With Most Github Commits In The Past 3 Months — On-Chain Activity Skyrockets

Solana Posts Rapid Growth In Daily Active Addresses, Neck and Neck With Polygon and Ethereum

Key Takeaways

  • Solana records over 800 GitHub commits in 3 months.
  • The blockchain tops all other L1s and has also seen increased on-chain activity.

Despite facing several challenges, the Solana blockchain is still a developer favorite in the crypto market. In the past three months, Solana has recorded the most development activity among blockchain projects on the software hosting powerhouse, GitHub.

Source: CryptoMiso

Per data from CryptoMiso, Solana had 800 GitHub commits since December, coming from over 100 contributors. Internet Computer, its closest rival clocked in at 731 commits from 72 contributors.

Developer activity shows healthy Solana adoption

Asides from the last three months, Solana also has the highest and most consistent developer activity of any Layer-1 blockchain. The proof-of-history blockchain has had over 4,300 GitHub commits in its lifetime as pointed out by Two Prime, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

In the entire blockchain space, Solana was only surpassed by Trust Wallet Token (TWT), a layer 2 protocol, which has over 7,900 GitHub Commits from 95 contributors.


Similarly, the Solana ecosystem is showing increased on-chain activity. Going by data from ChainCrunch, unique users on Solana have increased 20x in one year. Solana also broke its all-time high unique signers with an 18% increase back in January.

The data also shows that projects building on Solana including Project Serum DEX, and Jupiter Aggregator, are seeing increased traffic as well. Added to this, Solana has sustained a significant increase in the number of active addresses.

The on-chain data and developer activity points to massive adoption and is highly bullish for Solana. It has also been the basis by which a report by the Bank of America (BofA) gave Solana a vote of confidence as the “Visa of the digital assets ecosystem.”

Solana’s challenges

Despite the massive adoption, the Solana blockchain has continued to face network challenges. It suffered multiple outages in a short time from last year and even into 2022.

Solana suffered about six outages in January alone, with the last one lasting for over eight hours.

The price of SOL, the blockchain’s native token, is trading at $89.97, up 4.02% in the last 24 hours. However, it is down -65.3% from an all-time high price of $260 reached in November.