MOBLAND Announces Partnership and Exchange Listing with Bybit

MOBLAND Announces Partnership and Exchange Listing with Bybit

MOBLAND has entered into a partnership agreement with Bybit. Previously known as SYN.CITY, MOBLAND is the first mafia-themed metaverse. Following the partnership, Bybit will be creating its headquarters within MOBLAND. Besides, Bybit will be the very first centralized exchange listing on MOBLAND metaverse.

The partnership will allow users to own the Bybit headquarters building as NFTs in the MOBLAND metaverse. On the other hand, the MOBLAND launch pool was introduced on Bybit. The launch pool went live on February 18 and within the first 12 hours, it had attracted over 30,000 participants. Within the same duration, the TVL (Total Value Locked) stood at a staggering $100 Million.

Aside from NFTs, the Bybit headquarters will also host different community-owned businesses. Community members can earn by participating and earning the various services available. This isn’t the first time Bybit is signing a partnership deal. The project has another active multi-year partnership deal with Oracle Red Bull Racing; a renowned Formula One Team.

However, Bybit’s business inside MOBLAND is a bit unique. In the words of Igneus, the head of communications at Bybit, “The partnership with MOBLAND marks Bybit’s latest foray into the metaverse — with a virtual headquarters to boot. Blockchain games have long suffered from the reputation of sacrificing the fun part for the ‘earn’ part. We are delighted to see MOBLAND’s response with their fun and engaging entry, as they seek to make an offer Godfather fans can’t refuse.” Put simply, the two industry leaders will breathe life into the concept of GameFi 2.0 metaverse. 

MOBLAND’s Accomplishments

MOBLAND was created by seasoned developers from top companies including Disney, EA, Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Roblox. The project boasts of a pretty impressive resume. Being the first-ever mafia-themed metaverse, MOBLAND introduced a unique governance system called Mafia-as-a-DAO (MaaD).


The never-seen-before system allows players to create new or join existing syndicates. The MaaD also allows individual syndicates to create their governance model which can then be tied to Mobland’s governance committee. MOBLANDs other accomplishments include:

  • $16.5M CopperLaunch raise on Binance
  • $8 million worth of funding from Twitch and Goat Capita
  • Significant community growth (over 200k on Twitter, 240k on Discord and over 130k on Telegram)