Should You Take Advantage Of Oryen ICO Bonuses Before It’s Too Late?

Oryen, Binance Coin, And Spookyswap As Grand Additions To Your Portfolio?

Oryen is a brand-new ICO that provides exceptional advantages. The project focuses on creating a simple auto-staking environment where users are rewarded for keeping $ORY tokens in wallets. Several one-of-a-kind features collaborate to provide holders with a constant 90% APY and hourly rebase rewards.

With weekly updates of rates and bonuses, every day is an opportunity to make a worth with Oryen.

Why Is Oryen ICO Unique?

Massive demand and hype around the Oryen ICO compelled project developers to expand bonuses, build a more dynamic pricing structure, and allow as many people as possible to benefit.

Currently, $ORY costs $0.10, and investors receive 10% incentives. Each week, Oryen Network updates prices and reduces bonuses. The next update will occur on November 9, when the price will reach $0.11, and rewards will go down to 9%. Therefore, the earlier you join the network, the more $ORY tokens will be airdropped to you at launch. 

It’s also worth noting that every new member may take advantage of the referral program to earn 20% extra $ORY on their purchases. 

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However, more than praising the bonus system is needed to convince investors to join any ICO. Let’s briefly discuss Oryen Network itself. 

Introducing Oryen Network

Oryen Network is an innovative auto-staking and auto-compounding platform that offers the market’s highest fixed APY. 90% of yearly interest is primarily funded by buy-and-sell fees, which support Oryen liquidity pool, treasury, and unique Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallets independently.

These fees will be gathered and secured in Multi-Sig wallet vaults, assisting the protocol in stabilizing Oryen’s floor price during periods of volatility.

Besides yearly interests, Oryen’s auto-compounding mechanism pays out rebase rewards every hour, meaning the moment Oryen launches, investors start earning 0.177% daily ROI.

ORY, a native token of Oryen Network, is used for staking and other utilities. Oryen PLAY, a new feature, will allow users to submit their tokens for a risk-free opportunity to win large prizes. Other upcoming features include Oryen NFTs, a mobile app, cross-chain, merchandise, and more.

Oryen’s smart contracts are supervised and audited by a leading blockchain security firm SolidProof, which also played a critical role in raising $ORY adoption.

Closing Thoughts

Oryen Network is revolutionizing the way we stake assets. Seasoned investors have already acknowledged Oryen’s most accessible automated methodology and guaranteed rewards.

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