The POLEMOS ARENA Earn as You Play Game Based on the BNB Smart Chain

The POLEMOS ARENA Earn as You Play Game Based on the BNB Smart Chain

To put it simply, Polemos Arena is a chess-themed MMORPG set in a decentralized blockchain network called BNB Smart Chain. Players can earn POLE by taking part in several activities and game modes. The market is a place where players can buy, sell, and trade NFT with one another.


Play in one of three distinct game modes in Polemos Arena. If you want to play the game on your own, you can do so in Main Battle Mode, where the objective is to win each battle and rack up as many points as possible. Games from yesteryear are great for training your arowana and getting together with friends. As the name suggests, in Tournament Event mode, players compete against one another for the title of champion. In this mode, the top two finishers advance to a final round. A total of three tiers of winners will each receive significant prizes.

There are currently 6 heroes in Polemos Arena, each representing a different element: Water, Wood, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Rock. With the upcoming patch, Polemos Arena will feature new heroes that are both powerful and fun to use in battle.

In Polemos Arena, players can also find loot in the form of equipment elements designed to give their heroes an edge in combat. Also, you can’t buy this gear— you get a perk after beating a round of monsters in a game.

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After defeating a wave of monsters, you’ll be presented with three sets of gear from which to select one.

The Polemos Arena initially features four distinct sets of gear: physical, magical, defensive, and supportive.

The arena where battles are fought is a major component of this game. The battlefield is laid out like a chessboard, with squares measuring 8 by 8. So that players can enjoy fighting in the Polemos Arena, it currently offers two types of Arena, each of which has a unique feature with a design and appearance that is no less interesting.


There is an effective rewards system in Polemos Arena; players can spend POLE Tokens on HERO, SKIN, and Level-Up upgrades.

Players can earn Tokens POLE in several ways, each of which has several advantages. Players victorious in battle will be rewarded with Coins proportional to the cost of entering the Arena. The Polemos Arena will also host a large event where players can win additional Coins and other prizes, including POLE Tokens.