Should You Invest In Bitcoin At This Time?

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Choosing where to invest your money can be a daunting task with each opportunity offering different returns and risks.  Since the birth of Bitcoin, there are a lot of investors who have placed their money in the cryptocurrency. However, this type of investment is not for everyone, and you need to carefully consider if this is the right option for your financial needs.

Consider The Risks

When you look at any investment, you have to consider the risks and your risk appetite. There are some investments which are considered low-risk while others are considered high-risk. Bitcoin will fall into the latter category because of the extreme volatility of the Bitcoin market.

Within the span of a few minutes, the market can swing from one extreme to the other. This means that your Bitcoin investment could be making you money one minute and losing you money the next. There is also no way to accurately determine the movement of the market, which is something that can be done to a certain extent with stocks.

Investing in Bitcoin should be left to people with a high-risk tolerance.  If you need your investments to provide you with a solid ROI, you should avoid this market. The volatility and risks will add stress to your life, and you will never know if you are going to make a profit or loss on the investment.


Know The Security Risks

When you invest your money in stocks or place it in a bank, you have a level of security you cannot get with Bitcoin. This is due to the decentralized market the coins are traded on. If you make a mistake on the market, there are no insurance policies that you can tap into to return your funds.

If you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, you may run the risk of sending your coins to the wrong wallet.  The wallet is what you store your investment in and will have a long key that you need to use when sending to and from it.  If you send the coins to the wrong wallet, it is going to be almost impossible to find the owner and get your coins back.

There are other security concerns to look at such as the potential of your investment being hacked.  While this is generally considered to be more frequent with Bitcoin, it is something that could happen with any investment.  If you take the correct measures with your investment, you will be able to mitigate this concern to a large degree.

While Bitcoin does carry some security risks, this does not mean that you should not invest. If you double check what you are doing on the market and when you send your coins to your wallet, you should have no problems.

Investing in Bitcoin can be very tempting because of the significant returns that some people make on this market. However, you will need to have high-risk tolerance and ensure that you know what to do on the market and with your wallet.


Author Bio: Jeffrey Ito, investor, entrepreneur, producer and former graduate of USC, is the founder of Jeff enjoys helping people gain an edge with 21st Century break-through technologies. His ultimate vision is to create optimized technology systems that help improve the lives of other people.