BTC-e Users Signing Petitions to the Department Of Justice


BTC-e users are currently signing petitions to the Department of justice through started by Tamer Dahdul.

Tamer Dahdul  has started a petition on to the department of justice.
Stating that

A few days ago a crypto currency exchange has been shutdown by the us government and a lot of innocent people lost a lot of money in the process.
we need our money back!

The btc-e domain was seized yesterday by the US government following a money laundering case about Vinnik through the  BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange.

BTC-e domain claimed to be seized by the US government
BTC-e domain claimed to be seized by the US government

Smith an affected user on the case of  btc-e  stated …

Im a law abiding citizen who pays taxes and have all my records accounted for. I respect the work you have done but it doesnt excuse taking innocent peoples money.
Dennis Smith, New York, NY

Tamer Dahdul started this petition with a single signature but now has about 1,396 supporters and still counting, if you are a victim of the incident you can sign a petition here.


Whilst going through the petition page there are many complains and reasons for the petition.

Another user Babak S. Jannesar stated that

I invested 7000$ on ethereum in this site and need my money back. I did not participate in any illegal actions and my lifetime savings are gone now.
Babak S.Jannesar, Karaj, Iran

While this is a heartbreaking moment to those that have stored most of their life savings in BTC-e, we still advise not to store up to 40% of your entire funds on exchanges, always store what you can afford to lose should in case anything go wrong in the future.

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