Panic As bitcoin exchange BTC-e Still down and Offline

BTC-e still down

BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange went down yesterday after unscheduled maintenance which has since left the users in shock.
BTC-e down
The exchange  posted a tweet yesterday saying

Our engineers are still looking into the issue in data center. We hope to get back online soon. Will continue to keep you updated

This is the only information that has been heard from the Russian based exchange.
meanwhile, speculations and rumors have been going round amongst users whether they are about to shut down like MT GOX.

Many users keep saying they are upgrading their platform for the upcoming fork, which may be true or false because the Exchange said that it was an Unscheduled.

Although BTC-e users claim that the exchange API is still working perfectly.
though it is not recommended to leave your funds in online exchanges, you can take a look at our recommended bitcoin wallets to use.


Always try to store funds which will not affect you when lost in exchanges and your 80% funds should be in your wallets that you can control the key.
BTC-e is not the first exchange to go offline, we just hope to see them back up and running perfectly.