Samsung Galaxy Store Now Features TRON Decentralized Applications

Samsung Galaxy Store Now Features TRON Decentralized Applications

TRON Blockchain allows users to create, execute, and fuel decentralized apps. Such apps are similar to Ethereum’s smart contracts. Samsung Galaxy Store now features a dedicated section for the TRON Blockchain apps. The TRON applications will be the ones listed there for the first time in the Galaxy line. The users of Samsung smartphones from Europe and the U.S. are eligible to try out the feature now.

Per Justin Sun, TRON co-founder:

“We enjoyed working with Samsung on the blockchain level integration. Now with Samsung Galaxy Store, we are taking our collaboration to the next level by integrating both ecosystems together. This is an incredible opportunity for developers to migrate and build on the TRON platform and put their applications in front of Samsung users.”

Users can create the applications they use on their mobile phones in a decentralized way. This dazzling possibility sparks new thoughts in heads of knowledgeable people. Since October 2019, TRON has been a partner of Samsung. The mobile device producer aimed at the blockchain market with its new line of phone apps. Galaxy series now features Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. Also, users obtained the ability to store TRX six months after.

Samsung Sights Blockchain Space

The direction seems clear – the mobile phone manufacturer wants to be ahead of the curve when worldwide adoption comes. Blockchain technology provides sustainable protection against data forgery, theft, and unauthorized sending. The same goes for tokens, coins, and similar assets usually working as attached value. Blockchain games allow players to monetize their in-game assets and time into real-world cash, via decentralized apps. Revolution seems like coming from the leisure side.

Despite the TRON ecosystem having its coin, the main goal seems to be boosting blockchain adoption in general. Many people perceive Justin Sun as extravagantly promoting the TRX coin and they claim that’s the upshot. However, he can be both generous and honest.


Despite the young entrepreneur earning bad credits, he has lots of good deeds behind his back. For instance, he had made significant efforts in putting together several coding teams. All to create a broader ecosystem for developers and allow them to collaborate and promote crypto.

This must be the notion of the Samsung analyst team. Samsung is a big corporation, and they won’t be inking agreements with shady people. Once again, Justin proves he is an experienced businessman, despite the young age, and a bit impulsive character.

Samsung’s dedicated Store section already contains products like Super Player, Blockchain Cuties, Timeloop, and other top-rated ones.