Samsung Galaxy Smartphones To Support Crypto Hardware Storage Device, Ledger

ETF is the ‘Rocket Fuel’ for Bitcoin, Says Global Marco CEO There are a number of milestones that bitcoin lovers anticipate happening in the next decade. These include bitcoin being accepted by more merchants for payment for goods and services, bitcoin being added to the balance sheets of prominent companies, and of course, the bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The bitcoin ETF has been, thus far, one of the most elusive milestones for the crypto industry. Giant firms like Robinhood and Gemini have applied to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States for approval for an ETF but all have been denied. With the current rush of institutional support that bitcoin has seen in the last few months from companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, there is talk of more pressure being put on the SEC to approve a bitcoin ETF at some point. Incoming Rocket Fuel? Now, according to Global Marco CEO Raoul Pal, the ETF is the next rocket fuel for the market. An ETF, he said in a recent Twitter exchange, will lead to a brand new level of support for bitcoin as well as an increase in price. This was in response to a tweet that claims that bitcoin is consolidating in price ahead of an ETF approval. “This is my view.. The ETF is the next rocket fuel for this market. The Wall of Money keeps coming but it takes time for everyone to get internal approvals. I have so many conversations helping hedge funds, Family Offices and Asset Managers each week. All happening and more…” he said. Bitcoin, in the last few months, saw a significant bull run and a new all-time price high of over $65,000 per token. Now, the price hovers around $50,000 and has remained steadily in that price range for the last few weeks. Some believe that the market is prepping for another bull run but needs something to trigger it and Pal feels that the ETF is what is needed. Regardless of what the price effect will be of an ETF approval, it cannot be denied that it will make it easier for investors to put money into bitcoin and other cryptos and will also lead to even more mainstream acceptance for bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is becoming bigger than ever before and the last few months, in particular, have seen more and more people enter the crypto market, whether to invest or to use tokens as a form of day-to-day payment. In response to this, more products and services are being created to accommodate the rise in crypto users, and the industry as a whole stands to benefit.

One of the latest of these developments comes from Samsung which announced that its Galaxy devices will now support third-party wallets that are used to store and manage cryptocurrency.

Samsung Stores Assets

As per the press release, Samsung Galaxy smartphones will now be able to transfer and store assets on crypto cold wallets onto the Samsung blockchain wallet which is available on the devices. There is also the Samsung blockchain key store and a new connection that can be made to hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X. 

Some of the digital assets that can be stored on the Samsung blockchain wallet include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and ERC tokens.

This move on Samsung‘s part is very beneficial in that crypto holders can easily access and store their tokens from the comfort of their phones while also receiving information via a helpful app. Samsung has made moves in the past to support the crypto industry such as adding the official bitcoin emoji to its keyboard and also creating its official in-built crypto wallet. 


Now, users of wallets like the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X do not have to choose between making use of their traditional crypto wallets or their Samsung devices but instead, can integrate the two.

We can expect more smartphone manufacturers to follow suit to keep up with the competition and this only means more options for crypto users around the world. It also means more opportunities for crypto-related firms like Ledger to partner with more mainstream institutions for the benefit of the industry.