Roger Ver Gives The Main Reason Why He’s No Longer A Bitcoin (BTC) Evangelist

Roger Ver Gives The Main Reason Why He’s No Longer A Bitcoin (BTC) Evangelist

Former ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver recently took to Twitter to explain why he no longer promotes the OG cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC). Ver was strongly advocating the BTC principles until late 2017 when he jumped ship and joined the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) camp.

Ver Does Not Promote BTC Because Of Its Bad User Experience

Roger Ver is one of the most influential personas in the crypto industry. He has long been a staunch advocate of Bitcoin Cash which he claims is way better than its progenitor, Bitcoin (BTC).

A few hours ago, a Reddit user, Calijwett, stated that he had bought BTC but he had not received the coins despite waiting for around six hours. The new investor wanted the community to help him understand why this had happened.

Roger Ver responded to the Reddit post, opining that “Bitcoin Cash solves these problems”.

In a tweet a few hours later, Ver explained that he would “gladly continue” promoting BTC if it still functioned as money. He further noted that, at this point, he would be “embarrassed to promote something with as bad of a user experience as BTC”. This is why he is now an ardent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter.


The Crypto Twitter community did not hold back on the comments. Most of them pointed to the recent BCH block reward halving which left the network vulnerable to a 51% attack. 

For perspective, after BCH completed its halving on April 8, the hash rate fell dramatically. This was accompanied by an alarming drop in the cost per hour for conducting a 51% attack. 

Alistair Milne, the CIO at Altana Digital Currency Fund, astutely observed this unnerving state of affairs at the BCH network, positing tersely:

Worth noting that this is not the first time Ver has publicly bashed Bitcoin (BTC). As ZyCrypto previously reported, he recently claimed to have paid $1000 in transaction fees for a single transaction on the BTC network on multiple occasions.