Ripple’s Cory Johnson Depicts XRP As The Next Generation Cryptocurrency

Ripple’s Cory Johnson Depicts XRP As The Next Generation Cryptocurrency

Back in March, Ripple made a splash when they hired Cory Johnson to be its Chief Marketing Strategist. Johnson has been a highly regarded figure in the financial and tech sectors for years, after founding and working at CNBC and Bloomberg covering Silicon Valley and the tech industry, but also working as a hedge fund manager and analyst for major firms.

His experience and well-rounded background in both tech and finance made him a perfect match for the cryptocurrency space and Ripple Labs.  As the chief marketer for Ripple, Johnson has focused on XRP’s abilities to not only change but disrupt the entire financial industry.

He was just a guest on the Fintech Focus podcast where he spoke about the future of Ripple and how it will change the financial world.

Johnson said the sheer speed and efficiency of XRP are enough of advantage to give XRP the advantage over competitors, but he also focused on the fact the XRP is a force that doesn’t need Ripple to operate. The decentralized nature or lack thereof has been a point of contention for many crypto enthusiasts, but Johnson seems to be assuring the asset’s decentralization.

“And if Ripple were to go away, the Johnson family would be quite sad, but XRP would continue to exist, and many other companies, many start-up bases, many beyond that, are using XRP as a core technology, again, to try to find new businesses. And really, the technology for XRP is like Bitcoin two dot oh. It’s Bitcoin, but it’s faster. It’s Bitcoin, but it doesn’t use tons of power. It’s Bitcoin, but it’s not controlled by Chinese miners. But fundamentally, it is a blockchain digital asset that is used principally for the movement of value.”

Any financial expert will tell you that the bottom line is all that matters. If Ripple and XRP can provide cheaper solutions for businesses and investors wishing to move large amounts of money, its adoption won’t be far away.  

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