Ripple Launches Developer Platform to Enhance Payment Services With XRP

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Foremost blockchain cross-border remittance company Ripple is taking the development of its services to the next level by launching a developer program through its investment and partnership arm, Xpring. Although the remittance service is based on blockchain technology, it is open to developers even outside the blockchain industry.

This is a step towards enabling Ripple to compete with other companies globally such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle which have provided blockchain templates for other companies to easily adopt blockchain technology for whatever they are interested in doing with the technology.

Improving ease of integrating money in apps

Ripple has made some progress in the cross-border payment industry with a good number of institutional clients, including banks that use its native cryptocurrency XRP for liquidity.

However, it has not been able to make it easier to integrate money with applications. According to the senior vice president of Xpring, Ethan Beard, the new platform is primarily to make it easier to integrate money into apps.

Beard, in an interview with Forbes, said the platform will allow integration of any form of money including fiat currency such as the USD as well as cryptocurrency. It will be a platform for 23 million developers globally from different sectors of the global economy to develop solutions for value transfer which Ripple is out to achieve.


Xpring empowering developers

Ripple through Xpring has been working to enable developers to contribute the best they can in the blockchain industry. It has partnered with some startups including gaming startup Forte in a $100 million partnership to empower game developers.

It also held an incubation program for developers to encourage the development of applications on the platform. The program also sought to empower developers with good, innovative ideas to establish such ideas.

Ripple is not just focused on Xpring but has also been making some moves to improve its service delivery generally. Just recently, the company acquired an Icelandic crypto exchange that focuses on developing payment solutions with increased speed and scalability. 

As Ripple longs to become a leader in cross-border payments, this acquisition could be in a bid to improve the speed and scalability of its services. With the new platform for developers and what Ripple has done so far, the company may be making headway in its dream of making payments as seamless as sending emails.