Release Project: The Future of Social Commerce

Release Project: The Future of Social Commerce

The advent of social media made communication not only simple but available at the click of a button. But the centralized nature of today’s social media networks has bought a plethora of fraud and crimes into our world. These platforms provide access to malicious hackers to steal your precious information, bank details, passwords, or even worse your identity!

RELEASE Project is the next generation social media dispersed platform that uses the amalgamation of blockchains, big data, and artificial intelligence (deep learning) technology to contribute forward to the development of the Internet. 

RELEASE project brings a new age of information by merging social media and E-commerce where users get incentivized for posting high-quality articles having reliable & worthy information. This user-posted content is classified into 13 different categories, namely, “Breaking news, playing, eating, watching, staying, buying, healing, learning, work, hobby, entertainment, event, others”  to make it easier for users visiting the website to quickly access the good quality and reliable information together with the search function. 

The aim is to develop a futuristic social commerce ecosystem having the architecture of both social media and e-commerce where users are not only rewarded for being a contributor but also receive remunerations for evaluating articles with valuable comments or shares.

RELEASE provides its users with great flexibility by enabling users to buy or sell accumulated points (REL token) within the RELEASE platform and then exchange it with various virtual currencies when listed on the exchange stock market. With its “Behavioral targeting advertisement” along with AI and Deep Learning enabled analysis of current time trends, foresight, reliability, future prospects, and profitability, the value of Release platform increases significantly along with the prospect of continuous revenue generation on a long-term basis. 


By combining Big Data with Blockchain & AI  “RELEASE” aims not to protect data with confidentiality, but to make data falsification physically impossible. 

RELEASE Project believes that worthy information and its valuation can greatly change and shape the future of social network services. This innovative RELEASE distributed platform makes it possible to collect high-quality valuable information and distribute remuneration points (REL token) to both the person who posted the article and the person who evaluated the article.

The unique RELEASE search algorithm uses deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automatically predict “what and why the user is searching for” and find the optimum information that the user is seeking. With all its incredible use of emerging technologies, the RELEASE project is changing the future of Social Network Services and building an inclusive next-generation social media dispersed platform. 

The REL tokens issued by Release Project for distribution purposes have already been listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges to benefit the RELEASE social commerce platform users. The traders can own these tokens to be part of the revolution to change the social media and E-commerce of the present. The REL tokens are available on P2PB2B, one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by market volume. These tokens are also available on Hotbit, CoinGecko, and Etherscan for traders. 

The RELEASE Project would be issuing a total of 100 billion copies of RELEASE COIN (REL Token). Out of these 100 billion tokens, 50 billion REL tokens are to be sold in general during the token sale period. These RELEASE COINS/ REL tokens can be exchanged for multiple virtual currencies on the respective cryptocurrency exchange. These RELEASE tokens also enable the users of the RELEASE platform to purchase services, skills, goods, etc. within the RELEASE platform. 

RELEASE Project is also coming with a great surprise for its users. The project is all set to launch its updated platform in April. The updated platform will come with a host of incredibly easy to use and exciting features for its users. With the new launch, the RELEASE project aims to transform the world of social commerce and revolutionize the world’s cashless payment market with worthy information and reliable evaluation!