Cardano Is Now Live With The Byron Reboot

Cardano Is Now Live With The Byron Reboot

The CEO of Cardano’s parent company IOHK, Charles Hoskinson announced today that the Byron reboot has been deployed. The reboot comes with several updates for the Cardano blockchain in readiness for the Shelley era.

The Cardano team has also unveiled a new ‘pre-release’ version of the Daedalus wallet, Daedalus Flight, that lets users take the new Daedalus wallet features for a spin.

Byron Reboot Finally Launched in Preparation for Shelley

After more than 18 months of work, the Byron reboot was officially launched on the Cardano network. According to a blog post by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), this reboot entails a number of updates to the Cardano network including the Cardano node, the Cardano explorer, the wallet backend and Daedalus wallet.

IOHK opined that the new code for the Byron reboot was built “from the ground up”. The revamped design is modular, the blog post reads. This means that it will differentiate the ledger, consensus and network components making it easy to upgrade any of them without affecting the rest.

All these updates are aimed at priming the Cardano network for the looming Shelley mainnet as well as for anything else that the future holds.


The Byron reboot will raise Cardano’s transaction throughput, allowing the network to process more transactions per second. It will also increase participation in the network as the Cardano node will be more efficient in regards to memory usage, making it easy for users worldwide to run a node even in poor network conditions.  

Cardano developers expect this to be a gradual and sustainable migration without any disruptions. After the launch of Byron, IOHK will unveil the Haskell Shelley testnet which will involve “onboarding stake pool operators from the Incentivized Testnet to help them set up and prepare for running their pools on the Shelley mainnet.”

The co-founder of Cardano, Hoskinson shared the news via his official Twitter account, including a link to the Daedalus Flight wallet whereby ADA holders can test the new features and give their feedback to the team.

2020 Set To Be Cardano’s Best Year Yet

The research-intense Hoskinson project has been making a lot of progress lately. Not to mention it recently launched a one-of-a-kind scalability solution known as Hydra.

In a live stream on March 30, 2020, Charles Hoskinson reiterated his view that Cardano will become the best cryptocurrency this year, outshining other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum.

He stated:

So this year is the year you see all those components come together and this is the year you see Cardano basically ascend to the best cryptocurrency in the world. There really is going to be nothing on the market that’s as good as what we’re delivering this year. Because at the end of the day we have it all.”

Hoskinson further explained that the Cardano network has a smart contract system, an identity standard, scalability, and a clear interoperability solution, all of which will make it the best crypto in the whole wide world.