PREDIQT IEO: Tokenization of Consumer Data is the Future of Marketing

PREDIQT IEO: Tokenization of Consumer Data is the Future of Marketing

Today, it is extremely difficult to create a convenient and functional consumer insight platform and provide privacy at the same time. Many of the existing platforms lack robust security measures that can protect consumers against hacking or data breaches. But all this could change with tokenization and blockchain technology. 

Blockchain-based consumer insight platforms like PREDIQT will provide an expanded range of capabilities and protection of personal data as well as full, end-to-end control. By securing trust and customer loyalty, tokenization could rebuild the relationship between brands and consumers.

For example, instead of storing user information on a device or central server like a CRM, it is sensible to place it on top of a blockchain network that is encrypted by advanced algorithms and unique keys that protect the data against any tampering. Further, it is possible to maintain the confidentiality of consumer feedback and insight through distributed technologies. 

The creators of PREDIQT are aiming to disrupt the consumer insight industry by bringing back trust and privacy to data aggregation. The platform will provide a way for consumers to share data safely and securely while allowing companies to access high quality consumer insight in this new age of engagement marketing. To work with the application, you only need to download the PREDIQT App, which ensures a maximum degree of security and usability. At the same time, businesses benefit through the PREDIQT web portal, which allows for targeting consumers with specific profiles and demographics. 

Only completely transparent and decentralized consumer insight tools can provide the level of privacy expected by users, but this is not available through most traditional data management systems—therefore, PREDIQT is putting the community at the center of all data transactions and giving them total control of their personal data.


PREDIQ’s goals are to provide privacy of consumer data using tokenization—the process of removing original personal data from data systems and replacing each value with an undecipherable token, in this case, PQT tokens. The original data is securely stored in a decentralized database separate from the tokenization system. The consumer receives something of value in a transferred token while the brand receives a touchpoint—relevant data that can be monitored for utilization. As a tokenized consumer data platform, PREDIQT offers the following benefits to businesses and brands:

  • It makes available high-quality data and insight to inform business strategy and unlock customer understanding
  • The platform is uniquely designed to ensure high participation rates for consumer insight research programs
  • It provides maximum security and privacy to valuable data, reducing risk in the event of a breach,
  • It provides unparalleled insights from a highly motivated consumer user group

As you can see, there are so many ways that businesses and consumers can benefit from the platform. PREDIQT connects brands and businesses to over 50 million users worldwide. It also protects the personal data of users and rewards the community by instantly paying them for sharing data with PREDIQT partner brands. The time has come for consumers to get their fair share. 

The future of the PREDIQT project depends on the active participation of each member of the PREDIQT community. Community members are incentivized to actively use the PREDIQT token (PQT) for exchanging value for data, to participate in the processing and confirmation of transactions, to support decentralized applications, and to engage in other activities in the network— everything matters.

PREDIQT will launch its IEO on Latoken exchange in February 2020. To participate, please visit here and get whitelisted.