Possible Reasons why UEFA used blockchain to Distribute Super Cup tickets

Possible Reasons why UEFA used blockchain to Distribute Super Cup tickets

It is worthy of note to see that the technology that gave birth to one of the most successful inventions in our present time ‘ cryptocurrency’ has been gaining relevance into different sectors.
The successful use of blockchain technology like Vechain in fighting counterfeit and ensuring that producers and agents within the production line do not suffer lose due to production and the introduction of fake products has attracted recommendations from both private bodies and government agencies that uses it to detect fake documents and authenticate the of files.
Having seen this success, it is not surprising to read that Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) applied an undisclosed blockchain technology in the just concluded Super Cup that was played in Tallinn Estonia between the winners of last season UEFA cup(Real Madrid FC) and Europa Cup(Athletic Madrid), that ended in the favour of the later.
The reasons behind this options are:
1) The need to mitigate rapid appearance of counterfeit tickets in match venues: it was observed that there has been a steady growth in the number of counterfeit tickets that is issued to fans in through the computerized mechanism.
This has made it difficult for UEFA to detect the fake tickets from the genuine ones, hence posing a challenge of overcrowding in Stadiums against recommended safety regulations for the number of spectators that could be allowed in a given stadium as a result of it’s carrying capacity. This sometimes leads to riot and stampede since the number present is far reaching for the security arrangement made.
2) Stop thugs from profiteering with match tickets: individuals could buy a handful of the ticket with the intention of selling them at exorbitant prices in match venues. This does not go well with the fairness that UEFA represents, hence the need to stop it.
3) To maximize revenue: at the long run, UEFA had always been on the losing side since funds are now channel into areas it was not prepared for. This technology works with the bluetooth device in androids and apple smartphones.