Pompliano: Bitcoin Didn’t Follow The Common Route And Yet It’s Most Successful

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Bitcoin has been making headlines of late after it crossed the resistance level to achieve the ATH for the year. A lot of influential people have always been bullish about it. One of the latest people to express unending support for Bitcoin is Anthony Pompliano.

Pompliano shot out a tweet that has since attracted the attention of many crypto fans. In the tweet, he sought to draw a comparison between Bitcoin’s journey to success as compared to most other cryptos currently in the market.

First off, it’s a well-known fact that Bitcoin was created by someone or a group of people that have since remained firmly anonymous. That’s clearly unlike many other cryptos whose creators are very well known members of the crypto community. And that’s not all.

No Fancy Offices

First, Bitcoin isn’t controlled by anyone, and that makes it one of the most decentralized systems in the world. Most other cryptos created and floated into the market by private entities have their offices somewhere, but that’s not the case with Bitcoin. Bitcoin has no official offices or any known development team like other cryptos like XRP or TRX.

That said, the only additions made to the Bitcoin network are through side-chains like the Lightning Network meant to scale up the network. No one has direct access to the network’s base structure, making it perhaps the most secure crypto network.


No Marketing

While companies and development teams roam the online streets touting their coins in a bid to woo users, Bitcoin’s major marketing force is the users themselves. As a matter of fact, most of the crypto whales, traders, and analysts expressing support for Bitcoin do so without external influence. They’re the users trying to influence other users.

Zero Venture Capital

One most notable fact about Bitcoin is its direct contrast with others in terms of how it entered the market way back in 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto never appealed for any financial support while creating the Bitcoin network. That’s very much unlike most other cryptos that issue ICOs and go on great charm offensives to attract venture capital.

Still, it’s interesting to note that the pioneer cryptocurrency that had no venture capital has now grown to dominate the entire crypto market, sometimes with over $100 billion in total market cap.

Usage Is What Matters

According to Pompliano, these facts prove that what really matters is the usability of the crypto. If the crypto is fit for the market, then it’s bound to succeed. Bitcoin is also the most valuable coin in the market, currently trading at around $5,511.