Cybersecurity Expert John McAfee Says He Will Reveal Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity

Craig Wright Claims 'He Was Satoshi Nakamoto', Bitcoin's Creator

The outspoken John McAfee has claimed on multiple occasions to know the true identity of the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. According to McAfee, frauds claiming to be the real Satoshi are hurting the space. He says false claims from people like Craig S. Wright are negatively impacting the growth of the entire industry.

McAfee took to Twitter to spread the word that he would out the mysterious Bitcoin creator if Satoshi didn’t come forward and reveal himself first.

The justification, Mcafee explains, is that the crypto space can actually gain much knowledge from knowing Satoshi’s real identity. Furthermore, resources and time will no longer be spent on chasing dubious rumors.

McAfee’s proposition received a massive amount of responses. The community rightly has tons of questions about McAfee’s secrets and they are pouting them out on social media.

The community is not entirely on board with knowing the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Many believe it will harm the decentralized nature of the top digital asset. A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiast love the fact that Satoshi is unknown.


They believe too much power could be thrust upon the revealed Bitcoin creator. Such a situation could result in a cult-like following and even more polarization.

The cryptocurrency world is split on the possible revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity. While the intrigue surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto is ever present, many are afraid it could lead to an array of negative results for Bitcoin.