Playza Launches A Fully Decentralized Gaming Platform on TRON

Playza Launches A Wholly Decentralized Casino on TRON

Blockchain-based gaming platform Playza has launched on the TRON ecosystem. Playza provides a range of games to its users from eligible jurisdictions. One of the notable features by Playza that set it aside from other gaming platforms is the fact that interested crypto gamers can participate without any sign-ups. Furthermore, Playza users can withdraw and deposit without going through the process of filling out lengthy forms.

Currently, the Playza gaming platform only supports the TRON native token, TRX coin. As a result, users can only deposit using the TRX coin. However, Playza developers are working to integrate Ethereum and EOS digital assets in the coming weeks to provide users with a wide variety of choices.

Notably, the Playza gaming platform is connected to TRONLink, a crypto wallet on the TRON ecosystem. The direct link between Playza and TRONLink eliminates the need for users to fill out forms required by payment platforms.

“We at Playza are excited to provide the gambling and crypto communities the most restriction-free experience ever imagined! Using cutting-edge TRONLink technology, we put the user in the driver’s seat, controlling every aspect of their balance and play from their wallets to our games” said Billy Nguyen, chief operating officer at Playza.

Playza has no set of minimum deposit nor withdrawals thus friendly to novice gamers who want to try out the platform. The company intends to incentivize the most active traders with 10% of the total revenue collected. As a result, active players stand a chance to win extra cash from the company.


Playza gaming platform will be joining other decentralized applications that run on the TRON ecosystem. The team behind the Playza gaming platform intends to tap on blockchain technology and its capabilities to reach out to the global markets with ease.

By allowing gamers to act as their own custodian, Playza anticipates winning the crypto community’s attention amid increased competition in blockchain-based gaming platforms.

Playza has given its users a chance to win up to 70,756,992 TRX that amounts up to $1,415,138. Market data provided by CoinGecko indicates TRON (TRX) was trading at $0.087224 having jumped approximately 4.2% in the past 24-hours.

The TRON ecosystem has emerged as a top ecosystem for decentralized applications that are scalable. Through its delegated proof-of-stake type of governance, the TRON network has been able to navigate the high transaction fees challenge that is suppressing its biggest competitor, Ethereum.