Phemex Announces Video Competition

Phemex announces Video Competition

Phemex is a relatively young, but rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange registered in Singapore. Phemex seeks to disrupt the market for crypto exchanges with a business model based on premium memberships instead of charging trading fees.

Premium members enjoy zero trading fees for spot trading on BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, XTZ, and LTC. Additionally, Phemex offers perpetual contracts on these cryptocurrencies, as well as gold, with a leverage of up to 100x for BTC and gold and up to 20x for altcoins. In more recent news, with increasing interest in cryptocurrency trading both in spot markets and on leverage, the exchange has launched a contest for Youtube content creators – The Phemex Video Contest

To be eligible to participate in the competition, video creators must upload a video with at least 5 minutes in length to YouTube with Phemex in its title and share the video on Twitter with the hashtag #PhemexVideoContest. The videos should be creative and original, highlighting some of the features of the Phemex exchange, such as Futures trading with up to 100x leverage, or zero-fee spot trading. 

The contest is open for videos in multiple languages. Videos can be in either English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. All submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of at least three Phemex team members. The evaluation by the jury members makes up 50% of the final score. The other 50% are determined by the video’s engagement metrics, such as likes and retweets. 

What makes this contest even more interesting is a dynamic prize pool with the final grand prizes subject & influenced by the final number of submissions – the more participants join the greater the prize pool rewards. If more than 50 submissions are entered in the contest, the total prize pool will be either $10,000 or 1 BTC (whichever is valued higher), with either $5,000 or 0.5 BTC for the first price. For more information regarding the rewards and rules of this contest, read the official announcement


The competition is already underway, but video creators still have plenty of time to make their entry to the contest. The submission deadline is July 8th with winners to be announced seven days after the deadline. Note that there are additional requirements that you need to take care of for a valid submission. For complete information on how to participate, please consult the official contest announcement.